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Woman typing on laptop

How to Write Easily and Quickly

by Dr Jennifer Jones – Writing Coach  If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you know that some days you just can’t figure out where to start. Then, you worry that you won’t post anything at all this week and that one missed week will become several missed months. We’ve all been there.…

Inspirational quote book

5 Ways to Achieve Your 2021 Goals.

There isn’t long left in 2020 so now is a good time to start planning and preparing so that you achieve your 2021 goals. If your business struggled in 2020, hopefully you are more determined than even to see it succeed in 2021. If your business was what everyone needed this year and started to…

Woman writing in a planner at a desk

Knowing Your Planning Method and How it Can Help You Succeed!

by Monique Basil-Wright from The Wright Stationery Did you know that everyone has a particular planning method and the right tools that complement this? We have a lot of similarities, but we are all different in the way that we process information and plan effectively to get the results that we want. When you try…

coloured pastel tiles like a brand mood board

How Defining Your Brand Can Make Marketing Easier

by Tammi Heals from Shadowcat Creative Do you ever feel like marketing your business is a chore? That feeling when everyone else is releasing a new blog, Instagram live, freebie, podcast, group or download every five minutes when you’re sat there trying to conjure up the words for Friday Facebook post with a slightly squinting…


3 Tips to Help You Build Your List and Increase Your Sales

As a business owner you probably know the importance of building your email list so that you have a way of communicating with people who are interested in what you do and nurturing a relationship with them so that ultimately they buy from you. As a business owner you also know how important it is…

Image of website courses available to buy

3 Courses to Help You Create an Awesome Website for Your Business

We are so excited to be able to tell you that our courses are ready for you to buy!! We have created three courses to help you create an awesome website for your business. Whether you are starting your website from scratch or you have realised that your current website needs a bit of work…