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How to Make the Most of Your Online Presence and Increase Your Leads

Last month we did a four week series of Live videos with the fantastic Yellow Tuxedo. They are digital visibility experts who help businesses make the most of their online space. Combining their knowledge and ours just made sense to create this series of Lives to help business owners, like yourself, really make the most…

Sketched Website Wireframes

How to Create a Website or Membership Site if You Aren’t Techy

We have a lot of conversations with people, which start off with them saying something like “I want to create a website but I’m not techy” or “I want to create a membership site, but I don’t know where to start”. We understand and that is where a lot of our members, who are creating…

Pantone Brand Colours

2 Podcast Interviews with The Brand Lounge

Last month the two episodes of The Brand Lounge podcast that I featured on were released. In one, I discuss common website mistakes and in the other the Ready Steady Websites® brand journey. Common Website Mistakes You may have heard us talking about website mistakes a number of times before but this podcast interview adds…

Image of live, work, create

28 Content Ideas From One Guest Slot

We are always looking for content ideas and I’m guessing you may be the same otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Securing guest slots is a great way to spread the word about your business and what you do to a new audience but quite often we do the guest blog post, interview, masterclass, whatever…

Lit up open sign

Content That Gets a Click

by Kate Llewellyn of The Content Consultancy Creating copy that causes a reaction I am obsessed with the power of language and how the choice of a certain combination of words can affect people in different ways. There’s a reason that memes and inspirational quotes work so well on social media – words have power.…

branding photos of planner with breakfast

6 Essential Branding Photos Every Business Owner Needs

By Tash Jay of Natasha Jay Brand Photography Whether you’re a professional baker or a full time blogger, connecting with your target audience is essential to growing a loyal brand following and a branding shoot plays a key part in making that happen. That’s because a branding shoot goes way beyond a traditional business photo…