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Woman's hand holding phone by laptop

Ditch the Crazy….. Sort the Facts…. – What You Must Include on Your Website

by Laura Macarthy from Now Accounting Services Did you know there was a business called Potato Parcel, that writes custom messages on potatoes and delivers them?  How about that there were such things as virtual dating assistants? Doing everything from doing your online profile to arranging dates? And there are coffee shops in Russia where…

Calculator and notebook with "empower" written on it

‘Sweat the Big Stuff, Right?’ – Tips for Starting Out in Business

by Laura Macarthy, Now Accounting Services That is usually the mantra that any new business owner has going on, when they are at the start of their new venture. You know, the big sparkly, endorphin-rush stuff that makes you feel gooooooood – the product or service offering, the sales channels, marketing, fancy packaging, pitch preparation…

Image of test live, work, create

3 Top Tips for Mastering Your Membership Site

Many people are switching part or all of their business online and one way to do that is by creating an online membership. It’s a great way of generating a recurring monthly income and also a way to get your useful content out to a lot of people at once. We have three top tips…

woman and stylist in mirror

Style The Perfect First Impression

By Jennifer Jones from Jennifer Jones Styling Being visible to your audience on both your website and social media platforms has never been so important. And how you and your brand is perceived online is key to building relationships with potential clients and helping them get to know, like and trust you, so when the…

SEO in block captitals

5 Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Website With SEO

by Lucy Griffiths from Front Page Advantage You have had your new website built and it’s live…….but no-one new is visiting. Your website should be regularly generating new sales enquiries to cover the cost and the time you have invested in building it. The phrase Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can sound very technical and there…

Plant in hands

How a Small Business can be More Eco-Friendly

by Emma Hannay at Stamped With Love At Stamped With Love, we have always been conscious of our impact on the environment on both a personal and a business level.   Changes At home We have used Cloth Nappies for both Mini SWL1 and 2 and the stash is still going strong almost 6 years on. We…