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Screenshot of our Wellness website template

7 Things Your Wellness Business Website Should Do

If you are creating a wellness business website, maybe for your nutritional therapy business, yoga and reiki practice or spiritual business there are some key things we recommend you include on it to make it do the most for your business that it can. Your website should service two purposes. It should be a fantastic…

Author Website Template Homepage

5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Author Website

As an author you probably don’t want to think about creating an author website, you just want to focus on writing and getting your next amazing book finished. But once you’ve done that it would be great if you had a brilliant website to help you get that book out there and reach more readers.…

Screenshot of our Therapist website template

4 Key Things You Need on Your Therapist Website

We have worked with a number of therapists and we created our therapist website template through working with those in the industry to ensure it has everything it needs on it to attract clients and to make it easy for people to contact you and work with you once they have decided you’re the right…

Fitness website template

8 Things a Great Fitness Website Should Include

A great guide for all business websites which certainly applies to a fitness website is it should answer all the questions the website visitor might have. Questions You Should Answer on Your Fitness Website When it comes to someone deciding if they want to use your fitness business, first of all they need some key…

Coach website template

6 Things That Make a Good Coaching Website

There are some obvious things that you should have on a good coaching website. These include: …clear information about what you do and how you do it. Now, the reason I have drawn this one to your attention more than the rest is because some coaches and also quite a few people in the wellness…

Screenshot of our Photographer website template

5 Reasons Why You Need a Photography Business Website

Do I need a photography business website? As a photographer who is newer to business or maybe who has been in business for a while and gets lots of work through referrals you may be asking this question. The answer, in short, is yes, you do need a website. Here Are 5 Reasons Why a…