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Useful Website Tips We Have Shared With Others and Now You!

We have been popping up as guests on other people’s blogs and podcasts recently, saying some quite useful things at times and giving some website tips, so we thought we would share them with you here. Guest Blog Posts Jude recently wrote a guest blog post for Viva Support, an HR Assistant Support service. The…


5 Top Tips for New Business Owners

We work with a lot of new business owners or entrepreneurs who are newer to business and because we have been in business for quite a while now (nearly 11 years at the time of writing this post), we get asked a lot of questions and for advice, not just on websites and membership site…

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Outsource Your Proofreading to Save Money

by Emma Hewlett from We write and read so much content these days: blogs, newsletters, social media posts, reports, website content, the list goes on. Our content is the shop window for our businesses; it is through this content that people grow to know, like and trust us, and become our customers. Let your…


5 Ways to Update Your Website Content Regularly

If you Google “how often should I update my website content” you will get a range of advice, but the general consensus is you should be updating it at least once a month. This is good from an SEO perspective but it also keeps it fresh and interesting for returning website visitors. So, here are…

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12 Membership Site Content Ideas that Will Appeal to Different Learning Styles

We all learn differently and there have been many theories around different learning styles published over the years. Whether you subscribe to Kolb’s Theory around Experiential Learning, you like Honey and Munford’s development of this, or you agree with the VAK theory that we learn either in a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic way, one thing…

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How Are You Planning to Scale Your Business?

Once you get to a certain point in running a service based business you will probably want to see it grow. Maybe it has been growing gradually over time, maybe you have had a growth plan from the start and now you have hit the point where you need to start making some decisions because…