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Piece of paper with phone and friend written on it so they stop getting overwhelmed

3 Ways to Stop Getting Overwhelmed by Website Tasks

We are a couple of months in to running our Ready Steady Websites® Mentoring Membership and we have realised that one of the reasons people stall in getting their website online or when trying to improve their website is because they are getting overwhelmed by website tasks. It may be that writing their copy seems…

Facebook crossed out on phone screen

4 Lessons From the Day Facebook Went Down

So, on Monday last week there were people panicking in the small business world. Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram went down. People couldn’t access their accounts. They couldn’t access other things that they had set up in connection with their Facebook account. They couldn’t communicate with people. Chris and I didn’t notice until we saw…

"The Best is Yet to Come" written in a book for inspiration

3 Sources of Blog Post Inspiration

Sometimes I know straight away what I’m going to write for our next blog post there are other times when I’m struggling for inspiration. If you write a business blog, I expect you probably feel the same from time to time. You may think that you’ve written it all before and you don’t want to…

Create sign

3 Top Tips For Creating Your First Lead Magnet

I was recently asked my views on lead magnets. In short, they’re great if you use the right one, present it well and put it in front of the right people. The problem is knowing what the right lead magnet is, how to present it and how to get it out there. Once you have…

Website Checklist being ticked off

11 Point Website Checklist

Do you think your website is up to scratch? Are you really happy with it? Are you sure that when you created your website it was awesome, but you’ve added so much to it that it might not be so clear now? Or are you the other way and haven’t touched it for years? Well,…

Ideas Notebook

5 Email Newsletter Content Ideas

One of the things we encourage everyone to be doing from their website is to build an email list to send out email newsletters to. You can do this through offering a free resource for them to sign up for, or suggesting they subscribe to your blog so they don’t miss out on a fantastic…