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9 Top Tips to Keep Your Website Generating Leads and Making Sales

There is a quote which we really like and use quite a lot and that is, “Digital design is like painting except the paint never dries.” Neville Brody This is how you should think about your website. It’s never done, it can be tweaked, fined tuned and maintained and have new content added regularly and…

examples of landing pages

Do I Need a Full Website or Is a Landing Page OK?

“Do I need a full website or is a landing page OK?”, is a question that Nicola Webster, a Social Media and Brand Licensing Consultant has been asked quite a lot recently and so she approached me to write a guest blog post for her on this topic. What is a Landing Page? The question Nicola was…

Laptop and notebook on bed of person trying to get more done

1 Thing Every Business Owner Should Do Daily to Get More Done

Guest Post by Angela Bryant & Marike Fichard, the owners of Cowork Crowd Did you know that we’re on autopilot most of the time? The vast majority of our thoughts and behaviours – the 95% that are subconscious – are habits that our brain has formed over time. Including how we approach our working day.…

Image of Jude and Chris with text "Tutorials: Creating Upsells and One Time Offers on MemberPress" on top

3 Ways to Create Upsells and One Time Offers on MemberPress

One of the most requested features we have found in recent months is the ability to upsell as part of the buying process for new members within their membership sites. We’ve seen this functionality requested not only with our Ready Steady Websites® members but also in multiple Facebook groups. Strictly speaking, MemberPress does not use…

laptop with website content on next to a coffee cup

8 Useful Websites and Web Tools for Creating Website Content

We are always telling people how important it is to create regular new content for their website and to check in on their website regularly to make sure it’s still accurate and still reflects them and their business. But we don’t just want to tell you to do that, we want to help you. So,…

Ready Steady Websites® logo

What is the Difference Between Ready Steady Websites® and Other Website Platforms?

We are always being quizzed about the difference between Ready Steady Websites® and other website platforms, so we thought… why not write a blog post about it! What is the Difference Between Ready Steady Websites® and Elementor or Divi? Ready Steady Websites® sits on WordPress so it is very similar to Elementor or Divi in…