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Rocket Launch illustration on blue background

10 Must Haves for Your Next Online Launch

Do you have a launch plan or are you just winging it? We’ve worked with so many entrepreneurs, small business owners and coaches over the years and it’s always really interesting to see different people’s approach to an online launch. As you probably already know, we’re a bit “belts and braces” here. We’re big fans…

3 examples of a gret homepage with personality

3 Ways to Make Your Website Reflect Your Personality

People buy from people. That’s a phrase that is said a lot in the online business world but it is true and that’s why it’s important to make your website reflect your personality. Here are three ways you can do this: 1. Include recent photos of yourself on your website How many photos and where…

web design company in their meeting room

5 Tips for How to Approach a Web Design Company as a Prospective Client

We get lots of emails from people who need a new website, which is fantastic and some are really nice and easy to reply to but with the others we wonder if it’s even worth the effort of replying. If you are trying to find someone to work with on your website and are sending…

Woman outside checking phone

Generating Leads and Passive Income Through Your Website

Do you get leads and passive income through your website when you aren’t working? That’s what a good website can and should be doing for your business. Over the last couple of weeks we have taken a step back from the business. The first week was full of really bad news the second we were…

6 style tips - 3 men and 3 women dressed in smart casual clothes

6 Style Tips to Help You Network Face to Face with Confidence

Guest Post by Sarah Sullivan, Personal Stylist Over the past couple of years online networking has been the norm – we were able to log on at home and only had to think about getting dressed from the waist up in the comfort of our own homes! Now that the world has opened up again…

hands pointing to a laptop screen

3 Tips for Doing a Snapshot Review of Your Website

Recently we have spoken to a few people who have been told by others that their website really isn’t great. If this has happened to you, we know this is really disheartening to hear but actually it’s a positive because it means that now you know you need to do a review of your website…