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12 Reasons You Need to Keep Working on Your Website

You need to keep working on your website if you want it to actually do something for your business like bring in leads and sales. I’ve put together this list of reasons why and these are just the first 12 that came to mind.

I had written 10 and I thought of another two while writing this introductory paragraph. By the time I’ve scheduled this post to publish I may well think of more. If you think of others please leave them in the comments! So here are…

12 Reasons You Need to Keep Working on Your Website

  1. People will come back and check you out more than once and they will be more impressed if they see new content.
  2. People won’t see every post or article you put out so you need to cover the same subject, in a different way a number of times to get your message across.
  3. The world is changing quickly, influencing buying behaviours, customer loyalty and what people want from services and you need to move with those changes.
  4. You don’t stay looking the same forever (sadly) and so your brand photos need to be updated.
  5. Design styles change and a website can look dated if you don’t reflect these changes.
  6. Products, services and events can go out of range or date and it looks awful to a potential client or customer if you aren’t keeping on top of these.
  7. You should be reviewing your business offer and messaging based on feedback from clients or customers on an ongoing basis and your website should reflect that.
  8. As you get new testimonials you need to share them on your website to demonstrate to potential clients or customers how awesome you are and that lots of different people are saying it.
  9. New content gives people a reason to come back to your website again. This is good for keeping you in their mind and also the more traffic you have coming to your website the more search engines will notice you.
  10. Search engines also notice you more, the more you add new content or change content on your website.
  11. Best practice might change in your industry and this needs to be reflected in what you do and on your website.
  12. You may gain new qualifications or accreditations and showcasing them on your website will instil a higher level of trust in you and may even allow you to charge more.

This article from Inc. is a great little bit of further reading to give you an idea of online behaviours. It’s very focused on ecommerce websites but the message that comes from it, that people tend not to buy on a first visit, is useful for anyone with a website I think.

If you know you should keep working on your website but you’re stuck for ideas or you feel your website needs a bit more work than just new content then check out our free resources, our book The Website Handbook or our next workshop to help you.

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