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Why Ready Steady Websites® was born

Ready Steady Websites® was born out of frustration. Not on our part but the frustrations of our clients. We've worked in the web industry for over 15 years, with clients big and small. The digital landscape has changed significantly in that time. Once a website was a novelty, now its a necessity.

Many of the entrepreneurs and start-ups we worked with came to us because the "tech" was too difficult. Either the website service was too simplistic to deal with funnels, lead magnets, opt-ins, mobile optimisations and membership websites. Or the service was too complex, trying to be all things to all people.

On top of that, small businesses and entrepreneurs often don't have the time or inclination to do all of the technical aspects of a website themselves.

So we worked with them on their branding, their landing pages, lead magnets, full websites, online shops and membership websites. But doing this on a 1:1 custom level is both expensive and time consuming.

Often, our clients just wanted to get a website up to test an idea or the market. They wanted it quickly and at a low cost.

There are already platforms out there that do the above, but there was one key element missing. The human touch: help from experienced professionals.

In early 2018, we started shaping an idea for a website service, built on a website platform we love: WordPress. A platform, in our opinion, that is second to none for its extendibility, resilience and performance.

We wanted to design as many niche-based templates as we could think of that someone could simply grab "off the shelf" then upload their brand logo, fonts, colours and sitemap.

We'd then deliver a website branded to their business, which was ready for them to add all of their content to in a simple way using a well established WordPress page builder. Turning this around within 48 hours of our customer providing us with the above. As this idea evolved it became Ready Steady Websites.

Ready Steady Websites® isn't just about a quick turnaround though. Where we excel is the human touch.

We're here to help with the inevitable tech questions of the ever-changing digital landscape. We're here to help with integrating email systems, offering advice on branding, sitemaps, page structure, content, conversions, lead magnets and anything else that crops up along the way.

We're here to help our customers get their online presence set up and understand how to edit their website. We're also here to help them get their web hosting set up and website live.

Most importantly we are here to make things easier for you to get you online with a good looking, functional website that showcases you as the professionals that you are.

The Team

Ready Steady Websites® is a registered trademark of 2nd Floor Designs Ltd. To find out more about us visit the 2nd Floor website.