Our Purpose and Our Founders

Our Purpose

We created Ready Steady Websites® to make websites a whole lot easier for entrepreneurs and business owners. We’ve worked with lots and lots of businesses over the last 18 years and in particular entrepreneurs and solopreneurs over the last 4 years and we realised that there was a big divide between a completely do it yourself website and a custom web agency built website. We met so many people who wanted to invest in a really professional looking, smooth working website but they just didn’t have the budget to get a custom website and the standard off the shelf services didn’t give them the professional design they needed. So, Ready Steady Websites® was born.

Our Solution

A beautiful set of pre-researched, pre-designed and lovingly built website and membership templates. We are the middle ground between using a web design agency and completely doing it yourself. As business owners we know how hard it can be to try and do something on your own when it isn’t in your comfort zone which is why we don’t just hand you your website template and let you get on with it. That’s why we created our very own membership website full of video tutorials, we have a support request system for private support tickets and our members only Facebook Group where you can get access to us but also get support from others who are using our templates and going through the same process as you. We’re always in the group looking to motivate people and answer any questions that pop up: website, brand or strategy related. We encourage you to stay on track so that you can meet your goals and get your website live.

Our Success Stories

Customers have made back their investment in our templates in a matter of days whilst launching a product or membership. We have members who have built their websites really quickly by being strict with themselves and using our training and support well. Check out our showcase page to see just some of the things our members have achieved along with what they say about working with us.

Our Community

Our members community is one of the things we’re most proud of. For us, this is an ongoing relationship with you on a personal level and we want that feeling to continue well past putting your website or membership site live. We are still here to support you to keep it up to date and encourage you to add new, fresh content. Many of our members become referrers so they are introducing new people to Ready Steady Websites® and getting a little thank you in return.

Many of our members and other business owners who we have met and developed supportive relationships with invite us to come and deliver training in their communities or ask us to feature on their podcasts or blogs. You can see some of the features we have done here.

Money back for every person you refer who joins

As a member of Ready Steady Websites® you can recommend people via our Referral Centre. You get money back for everyone that joins using your unique links, not credit – actual money sent to your PayPal account!

Meet our Founders

About Chris

More handsome than you could imagine. Perhaps I should let Jude write the rest of this...

Good idea, Chris.

Chris has been working on a computer since he found MSPaint and created bank cards for his sister to play shop with.

Chris’ professional experience spans over 17 years in web and digital. He’s successfully managed, consulted and worked on projects for RBS, Renault, Coutts Bank, IKEA, Mazda, Russell Investments, Kia, Citizens Bank, Adam & Company, WorldPay, Schroders, Tenneco, G4S, ABP, Olympus, Grant Thornton, Nexia, RAC, Masterclass and LawPal as well as some lesser known but equally as amazing international and local brands and businesses.

Chris has a wide range of skills including digital consultancy, UI design, UX and web build, sketch and illustration and project management. He knows a lot basically!

More recently Chris' work has been focused on working with entrepreneurs who need a professional and eye catching online presence. It was while working with these clients that the idea for Ready Steady Websites® started to develop.

Ready Steady Websites® is a registered trademark of 2nd Floor Designs Ltd. and was born in March 2019.

About Jude

Jude is the brains behind the whole operation. Without her you wouldn't be looking at a website right now...

I'll take over from here, Jude.

Jude's background is in training, project management and staff management and her career started in youth work which is where she developed the skills to work with me!

Jude previously organised and ran interagency conferences and delivered workshops in Westminster for the Children's Workforce Development Council.

Jude's been working in the web industry for the last 10 years utilising her project management skills. When we decided to create Ready Steady Websites® she was able to bring her training skills to shape the tutorials that we deliver via our membership site.

Chris and Jude drinking tea
By the way, Chris and Jude are married!

Ready Steady Websites® is a registered trademark of 2nd Floor Designs Ltd. and was born in March 2019.