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Danny Scheinmann

Danny was recommended to us by a past client and big advocate of Ready Steady Websites® Maria Franzoni. Maria recommends us for all of her Speakers' websites and helped us develop "The Speaker" template. Danny wanted something striking and simple to distill his years of knowledge and opted for our Do It For You add-on service.

  • Type: Website

  • Template: The Speaker

  • Completed in: 30 days

  • Add-ons: DIFY

“Very happy with my website. Chris did a great design for me and was totally attentive to my unusual requests. They offer very good support for the non-techies like me.”

Danny Scheinmann - Actor, Filmmaker & Speaker

Becky Barnes

After working with one of the Ready Steady Websites templates for one of her clients, Becky was so impressed she wanted to get her own.

  • Type: Website

  • Template: The Coach

  • Completed in: 3 days

“I’d previously helped a client of mine build a website through Ready Steady Websites. I found the process so easy and the results so impactful that I knew I had to rebuild my blog using one of their templates. Chris and Jude are always at hand to help with queries - the service is second to none. I have been so impressed with every element of the process, so much so I’m just about to purchase my second template for my Digital Marketing Agency.  ”

Becky Barnes - Blogger, Model, Public Speaker and Writer

The podcast Membership

Anna wanted a membership site to launch her brand new membership on a short timescale. She wanted something professional and highly tailorable that she could just plug her content in to, launch and then had the flexibility to grow in the future.

  • Type: Membership Site

  • Template: Minimal

  • Completed in: 4 days

“I used Ready Steady Websites template to create the home for The Podcast Membership. I wanted something that was simple to use that could be made to look brilliant in a short space of time, that allowed me to customise later on. I was impressed at how quickly the site was ready for me and my team to upload imagery, videos and text. The whole site took around 4 days to complete. RSW have been responsive and helpful with any advice we've needed. I highly recommend working with them.”

Anna Parker-Naples - Multi-award-winning  Business & Mindset Coach


Carli wanted a pre-designed template she could simply drop her content in to. With her content already written Carli was able to create her new website in around 7-10 hours!

  • Type: Website

  • Template: The Coach

  • Completed in: 2 days

“I can't recommend Ready Steady Websites highly enough, it has been such an easy process to work on my website and I'm so pleased with the end result. The support I received was excellent and I always got such a quick response time to any queries I had. The accountability in the Facebook group was really helpful too for giving me the much needed push to get things finished.”

Carli-Louan Foster - Create a Life You Love


PaddlePod needed a website that was quick and easy to put together in a short timeframe. Emma and her team were able to use our template as a basis and also added their own touch to create something truly unique.

  • Type: Website

  • Template: Fitness

  • Completed in: 10 days

“I was introduced to Ready Steady Websites® by a friend, and have been absolutely blown away by the service. There’s a great choice of templates to pick from and, once you buy, the training and support is fantastic. Chris and Jude have been quick to respond to each and every query I’ve had when getting the site ready to launch, and have been incredibly helpful. I wish I’d known about these guys sooner, and highly recommend them to anybody looking for a new site for their business.”

Emma Koster - PaddlePod

Sophie Bashford

Sophie wanted a website that went beyond the capabilities and design possibilities of Squarespace. Sophie started from scratch, re-writing all of her content. She used our page layouts along with creating her own using the power of the page builder.

  • Type: Website

  • Template: The Coach

  • Completed in: 60 days

“If you love the idea of a bespoke website template that looks like a designer made it from scratch, at a fraction of the cost, with one-on-one support that's second to none: get a RSW package, now! You won't regret it. I've loved every minute of working with Chris & Jude, and I can't wait to work with them more in the future.”

Sophie Bashford – Author, Intuitive Practitioner & Retreat Creator

The Simple Business Lounge
from Jojo graham

JoJo is a business coach for female entrepreneurs. She found Ready Steady Websites® when planning to relaunch her membership website. She wanted something clean, easy to navigate and straight forward for her and her team to edit.

  • Type: Membership

  • Template: Minimal

  • Completed in: 4 days

  • Add-ons: DIFY

“The process of working with Ready Steady Websites® was seamless, as it was very clear Chris has a lot of experience and knowledge in the area of memberships so he was suggesting things I never would have thought of in terms of the look and the systems! Thanks so much, forever grateful for what you have done. I now have a fully functioning membership site that’s professional, simple to use and I can’t wait to continue to grow this element of my business!”

JoJo Graham - The Simple Business Lounge

Tom Morley

Tom has a very creative soul and had never found a website that allowed him to showcase his creativity, until now that is. Tom took to Ready Steady Websites® like he was one of the team, quickly becoming adept at creating any layout he wanted.

  • Type: Website

  • Template: The Speaker

  • Completed in: 14 days

“I'm dreaming surely. This sense of ease, these comprehensive templates, their amazingly fast and understanding replies to my online questions... this is just the honeymoon right? Wrong. This dream goes on and on. What can I say? All those years of struggle. This is the reward, the payoff, my very own super-professional website built by real people. I'd strongly advise getting on board now before word spreads.”

Tom Morley - The Rhythmic Ringmaster

Gwen warren

Gwen was trying to launch her new membership website. She'd tried some off-the-shelf starter packages and nothing had worked for her. So, we took care of Gwen's tech headaches and gave her a system that was easy to use.

  • Type: Website + Membership

  • Template: The Coach + Vibrant

  • Completed in: 8 days

  • Add-ons: DIFY

“Being very time poor and not particularly website savvy my internal dialogue was initially questioning if I'd need to watch hours and hours of tutorials and get completely lost in the tech but the support from Chris and the team has been second to none - they made everything so seamless and effortless whilst also offering high standards of professionalism and commitment. It was just so easy and knowing that Chris and the team are there to help when I got stuck gave me enormous peace of mind through the whole process of building my websites. You will be getting a high-end, outstandingly professional website/membership site for a fraction of the price if it was built from scratch with an unrivalled level of customer support. ”

Gwen Warren - Business Fit

Tayo Salami

Tayo was transitioning from a business into a solo personal brand. She knew she wanted clean and contemporary but didn't know where to start. We helped her get set up and integrated MailChimp and Stripe for her.

  • Type: Website

  • Template: The Coach

  • Completed in: 21 days

  • Add-ons: DIFY

“The experience has been seamless. The information/guide and templates provided to start me off were straightforward to use. Also, knowing I had the support of Chris and Jude in the group, as well as other people going on a similar journey, gave me the confidence to plough ahead. The support was the best part for me... I am glad to be getting agency quality support without the huge fees!”

Tayo Salami - Business Simplified

Catherine Morgan

Catherine needed something that worked straight out of the box with a template she could follow. A quick decision maker, Catherine and her VA quickly created her website and membership site in just 4 days, ready to launch her money circle membership to her founding members. Catherine loved the experience so much she purchased another template to use for her The Money Panel website too!

  • Type: Website + Membership

  • Template: The Coach + Minimal

  • Completed in: 4 days

“Chris and his team are brilliant! I have used the beautifully designed and well thought through templates for my new websites and they are a delight! Easy to use and flexible features. Chris has been so supportive always happy to answer questions. Highly recommend.”

Catherine Morgan - The Money Panel

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