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2 Podcast Interviews with The Brand Lounge

Last month the two episodes of The Brand Lounge podcast that I featured on were released. In one, I discuss common website mistakes and in the other the Ready Steady Websites® brand journey. Common Website Mistakes You may have heard us talking about website mistakes a number of times before but this podcast interview adds…

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Useful Website Tips We Have Shared With Others and Now You!

We have been popping up as guests on other people’s blogs and podcasts recently, saying some quite useful things at times and giving some website tips, so we thought we would share them with you here. Guest Blog Posts Jude recently wrote a guest blog post for Viva Support, an HR Assistant Support service. The…

Entrepreneurs get visible podcast

How to Build a Website That Makes You Credible

A little while ago we were interviewed by Anna Parker-Naples for her podcast and the title of the podcast episode is, How to Build a Website That Makes You Credible.

In her financial shoes podcast

Why a Website is Important for Your Small Business

In February Catherine Morgan interviewed us for the In Her Financial Shoes podcast. We discussed why a website is important for a small businesses and also the importance of getting your website right first time around.

Chris, Jude and Shari chatting

Being Interviewed by Shari on all things web design, life and business.

A few months ago now, the lovely Shari Teigman interviewed us about our passion for web design, our experience of starting and running a business as a married couple and why we created Ready Steady Websites®.