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Useful Website Tips We Have Shared With Others and Now You!

We have been popping up as guests on other people’s blogs and podcasts recently, saying some quite useful things at times and giving some website tips, so we thought we would share them with you here.

Guest Blog Posts

Jude recently wrote a guest blog post for Viva Support, an HR Assistant Support service. The post, 5 Things HR Consultants Should Include on Their Website to Attract New Clients has some great tips in it, many of which could be adapted by any business owner to help them attract new clients with their website, so it’s definitely worth a read.

Jude also wrote a guest post for NJ Webster Consulting, a Social Media and Brand Licensing Consultancy. The post, Your Social Media and Your Website Should Work Hand in Hand, looks at the importance of not relying solely on social media for your business online presence and how you can use social media effectively to drive traffic to your website.

Podcast Interview

We were interviewed on The Wedding Pro Cast UK recently and our episode was released last week. In the interview we talk about our experience of working as a husband and wife team and also give some top tips to those in the wedding industry about how they can make the most of their website, but again, these tips are transferable to lots of businesses, so it’s worth a listen. Donna Eade, who also runs The Society of Professional Wedding Vendors was fab to be interviewed by which made it a lot of fun for us.

More to Come

Jude has been interviewed for a couple of other podcasts in the last week, so we will keep you posted once those are released so you can benefit from more of our pearls of wisdom, well, some website tips anyway!

Website Tips From the Archives

If you have missed our interviews that we have done in the past here are some of them that we enjoyed doing:

Being interviewed by Shari on all things web design, life and business.

How to Build a Website That Makes You Credible – interview with Anna Parker-Naples.

Why a Website is Important For Your Small Business – interview with Catherine Morgan.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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