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Are you doubling up on website tech and wasting your money?

We did a Facebook Live a couple of weeks ago where we discussed the website tech you need and don’t need. We see so many people doubling up on website tech and often on expensive technology which means they are wasting money and when you add up how much they are spending each month on this tech, it’s a lot of money!

If you have a decent website that you have considered and planned well, then most things can be done through your website. You will see lots of business coaches or mentors shouting about ClickFunnels or LeadPages. But you can build a simple funnel with your website, it is just a series of web pages. You don’t need to pay for something extra to create sales pages or landing pages, they really are just web pages.

We also saw recently someone doing a launch using their website on WordPress, their sales page on Kartra and then using MailChimp for their emails. If you’re paying for Kartra you can have your website and emails on that. So, there was double doubling up going on there!

The problem is coaches and mentors do shout about how great the tech they use is. They write social media posts highlighting the tech they’ve used that has led them to success etc. but they aren’t tech experts. Half of them are doubling up themselves and also, just because they found it worked for them, their business isn’t the same as yours, it might not be what you need for your business. Not to mention very lucrative affiliate opportunities enticing them to promote it.

Watch our Facebook Live – What website tech are you paying for twice?

We go into much more detail about this in our Facebook Live and it’s not only us who feels this way as you will see from what our fellow web and tech friends are saying in the comments!

Overarching website tech tip

The biggest tip we can give is to plan what you need from your website. Write a list of the functionality you need and want, for now and in the future, based on your business plans. Then you can choose the right platform and supporting tech in a considered way based on that list, so that you don’t overlap and spend more than you need to.

To support you with this check out our book, The Website Handbook, which will support you to plan your website in a way that you create a website shopping list so you can pick the right platform and tech in a methodical way. At the moment, if you download one of our free resources you will then be offered a free copy of the book afterwards!

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