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How to Choose the Right Membership Site Platform for Your Membership – 5 steps

There are so many membership site platforms out there. Choosing the right platform for your membership is really important because once you have set up your membership it’s hard to switch over to another platform. It’s not impossible, it can be done, but it’s time consuming, can lead to tech headaches and your members will…

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How to Create a Website or Membership Site if You Aren’t Techy

We have a lot of conversations with people, which start off with them saying something like “I want to create a website but I’m not techy” or “I want to create a membership site, but I don’t know where to start”. We understand and that is where a lot of our members, who are creating…

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Website Launch or Membership Site Launch – 5 Planning Tips To Avoid Panic and Stress

The amount of last minute website launches or membership site launches that we have been involved in is, quite frankly, silly. Normally seemingly organised business owners seem to forget or be oblivious to the fact that a website launch or membership site launch takes planning and time to do it well. So, here are some…

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4 Top Tips for Planning Your Membership Around Your Life

Obviously, we start a membership to cater for the needs and wants of our members. But to ensure it’s manageable, so that your membership has longevity for those members, you need to consider your life now and your personal plans for the future, as well as your members’ needs when planning your membership. We have…

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12 Membership Site Content Ideas that Will Appeal to Different Learning Styles

We all learn differently and there have been many theories around different learning styles published over the years. Whether you subscribe to Kolb’s Theory around Experiential Learning, you like Honey and Munford’s development of this, or you agree with the VAK theory that we learn either in a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic way, one thing…

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How Are You Planning to Scale Your Business?

Once you get to a certain point in running a service based business you will probably want to see it grow. Maybe it has been growing gradually over time, maybe you have had a growth plan from the start and now you have hit the point where you need to start making some decisions because…

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3 Courses to Help You Create an Awesome Website for Your Business

We are so excited to be able to tell you that our courses are ready for you to buy!! We have created three courses to help you create an awesome website for your business. Whether you are starting your website from scratch or you have realised that your current website needs a bit of work…

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3 Top Tips for Mastering Your Membership Site

Many people are switching part or all of their business online and one way to do that is by creating an online membership. It’s a great way of generating a recurring monthly income and also a way to get your useful content out to a lot of people at once. We have three top tips…

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5 Tips for Creating a Guest Expert Masterclass

If you run a membership, a great way of creating useful content for your members, without having to do a huge amount of work yourself, is by getting a guest expert to create a masterclass for you.


3 Reasons Why Investing Money in Your Membership Site Should be a No-Brainer!

We speak to a lot of people who are planning on starting a membership but they are worried about investing money in their membership site.