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15 Fab Videos (and counting) to Improve Your Online Business

If you have been following us for a while you will know we recently created a YouTube channel. We release a video each week with some top tips, guidance or advice to help you improve your online business.

These are the videos we have released so far and we have categorised them for you here so that you can find the ones that will be most useful for you and your business. Just click on the category that you need help with and have fun watching.

Getting Started with Your Website

Blogging Tips

Turning Your Website into a Leads and Sales Generator

Email Marketing Tips

Videos For If a Membership is Part of Your Online Business Plan

Getting Started with Your Website

If you are just starting out with creating a website or you haven’t taken the plunge yet because it all seems a bit too techy for you, then these videos are a great place to start:

Do I Need a Website for My Business?

Can You Create a Business Website for Free?

Do I Need a Domain Name and Hosting for my Business?

What is a Domain Name?

What is Web Hosting?

What Should You Have on Your Business Website?

6 Top Tips for Planning Your Website

Blogging Tips

If you have a blog but are struggling for ideas or you are thinking about starting a blog for your business website, then these videos will be really useful for you. A blog is a great for establishing you as an expert in your field and for driving traffic to your website, both of which will improve your online business.

12 Business Blog Post Ideas

3 Top Tips for Getting Your Blog Seen

Turning Your Website into a Leads and Sales Generator

If you have got your website out there but it isn’t really doing much for your business these videos will give you some tips on changes you can make so that it generates more leads and sales.

Why and How to Use FAQs on Your Website

5 Ways to Use Testimonials More effectively on Your Website

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Email Marketing Tips

If you don’t have an email list yet because you’re not really sure why it’s important or you aren’t sure what you would include in the emails then both of these videos are for you. Email marketing can be far more powerful than posting on social media so we really do recommend you start building an email list through your website. If you already have an email list but you are stuck for content, then these emails are great for you too.

Why Do You Need an Email List for Your Business?

5 Content Ideas for Your Email Newsletters

Videos For If a Membership is Part of Your Online Business Plan

We have a series of videos coming up which are mini MemberPress tutorials. We think MemberPress is a fantastic option for creating a membership site with and it’s what we use for our Membership Site templates. There are some things that people are unsure about how to do in MemberPress so we have created these tutorials to help. The first of these tutorials was released this week and you can see it below.

How to Create a One Time Offer in MemberPress

The other videos in the mini series will be following weekly along with some other great content. If you would like to keep up to date with when our videos are released, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell icon for notifications.

If you need more support and guidance on planning, creating or improving your website then check out our free resources and courses.

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