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3 Reasons to Stop Putting Off Getting a Decent Website

I still speak to far too many people who are either putting off getting a website completely or they are convincing themselves that their free [enter name of website builder] site is fine. I will break it to you here and now, it’s not. You need to stop putting off getting a decent website and here are three reasons why…

There are people who don’t buy from businesses that don’t have a website.

This is absolutely true. I was on a networking call with someone recently and she had been on a previous call with someone who was deliberating whether it was worth setting up a website for their business or whether they would make do with their social media presence at the moment. The woman I was talking to told me she had told them they definitely needed a website (and her business has nothing to do with websites). She said she never buys from anyone who doesn’t have a website because she likes to check the person or the business out first, including reading their Terms of Service or Ts&Cs before she commits.

She won’t be the only person who feels this way, who wants to go and check someone out and do their research before they part with their cash. So, how many sales could you be losing by not having a website out there at all? You might be getting an OK amount of work without one, but you could be getting an amazing amount of work with one!

A rubbish website is almost worse for your business than no website.

I have written about this before and here is the blog post I wrote specifically about the difference having a good website can make to a business almost instantly. The businesses in this blog post had instant sales and enquiries by improving what they have online.

This doesn’t just happen because website visitors are more impressed by what they see when they go to a fantastic website instead of a bad one but also because if you are proud of your website you are much more likely to talk about it and share it. By doing this you are sending more traffic to it, so it makes sense that you’ll get more leads and sales by doing that. Going to a website is an easy action for you to ask people to take, so they will take that action and then if your website is well structured it’s a natural journey for them to end up working with you.

A free website makes it look like you aren’t serious about your business.

If I go to a website and see the branding of the website builder all over it, I know that business hasn’t paid for their website and so does everyone else. (I’m not talking about a discreet link in the footer, I mean a banner at the top of the website!) What does that say about how much they value their business? It feels like they don’t value it or even worse, they don’t believe in it. They don’t believe enough in their business to invest money in it. If they don’t believe in what they offer then why should I, a potential buyer?

I get so frustrated when I hear people saying “I’ve created a free website on [enter website builder name], it’ll do until I’m making more money”. If this is you, I genuinely feel that having that website could be preventing you from earning money, so please take this into consideration if you are currently in this position.

Some resources to help you create a decent website.

This seems like a really obvious post for a website company to write but keep in mind, it’s not just us saying it, so please do take the advice and get the best website possible for your business.

We have a number of resources to help you with this, which you can find here.

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