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3 Tips for Doing a Snapshot Review of Your Website

Recently we have spoken to a few people who have been told by others that their website really isn’t great. If this has happened to you, we know this is really disheartening to hear but actually it’s a positive because it means that now you know you need to do a review of your website…

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2 Podcast Interviews with The Brand Lounge

Last month the two episodes of The Brand Lounge podcast that I featured on were released. In one, I discuss common website mistakes and in the other the Ready Steady Websites® brand journey. Common Website Mistakes You may have heard us talking about website mistakes a number of times before but this podcast interview adds…

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6 Essential Branding Photos Every Business Owner Needs

By Tash Jay of Natasha Jay Brand Photography Whether you’re a professional baker or a full time blogger, connecting with your target audience is essential to growing a loyal brand following and a branding shoot plays a key part in making that happen. That’s because a branding shoot goes way beyond a traditional business photo…

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Why Incredible Product Images Are So Important.

by Christina Palmer from Captured by Crissi Having incredible product images should be one of your top priorities… but why? Think about when you go out shopping. Shops put up big displays to inspire us. It allows us to imagine owning the products and visualise them in our lives. Humans are incredibly cognitive creatures –…

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The Five Fundamentals of a Great Brand

Hi, I’m Lauren of LaHu Brand Visibility and I’m a Brand Specialist offering Photography, Video, Design and Coaching in Brand Development and Business Confidence. I’m obsessed with helping my clients get unstuck by addressing the things that hold them back, stepping over their fears and walking their why. This is all about starting a conversation…

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The Psychology of Colour

There is more to colour than just picking a random combination of what looks good. Colours affect our emotions and behaviours, they set the tone and attract people’s attention towards your brand and web design. Using the right colour or combination of colours in your brand will make a big difference.