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Our Top 3 Most Clicked on Blog Titles and Email Subjects of 2023

Each year we take a look at our stats and analytics to see which were our most clicked on blog titles and our most opened email subjects of the year. This is what we found out this year…

Our Most Clicked on Blog Titles of 2023

At number 1:
3 Ways to Create Upsells and One Time Offers on MemberPress

This blog post has held the top spot from last year. It’s a useful tutorial post and links nicely to one of our low price products, a plugin for MemberPress. The title shows exactly what you’ll get from reading the post, encouraging people to click and read. The fact it’s been such a popular post for two years in a row also shows the power of useful evergreen content.

At number 2:
7 Things You Should Have on a Speaker Website to Get You Booked

A new entry this year and a post we wrote not only to help speakers but also to improve our SEO for people searching for speaker website templates and it’s worked. Thanks to Manchester SEO for the fab advice! By writing this post to support speakers and creating a specific landing page about our speaker website template for the blog post to link to we are now on the first page of Google when people search for “speaker website template”.

At number 3:
12 Reasons You Need to Keep Working on Your Website

Another new entry and another example as with the other two, of a title showing the website visitor exactly what they’re going to get from reading the post.

As with last year, the posts with numbers in the title are proving most popular and we do write posts that don’t have numbers in the title too! So, if you’re struggling to get people interested in your blog posts maybe consider trying this approach when coming up with a blog post title to see whether it gets more clicks.

Our Most Clicked on Email Subjects of 2023

At number 1:
Effective websites, support and mental health.
With an open rate of 41.2%

At number 2:
Must have photos and it’s never finished…
With an open rate of 40.8%

At number 3:
Everything changes…
With an open rate of 40.3%

We had a lots of other emails that had open rates just a little bit lower than this as well and they also shared the same characteristic as the titles at numbers 2 and 3 of having an ellipsis at the end. People seem to have responded well to titles that tease them a bit this year.

One thing we’d like to emphasise here is that our best open rates are round the 40% mark for a general newsletter. Our emails to members are higher and our emails selling things tend to be a bit lower. This year we have had people asking what they’re doing wrong because their email open rate is only about 50% and we’re thinking, “Wow, what are they doing so well?!”

In this post mailmunch says that a good email open rate is between 17 – 28% and an average email open rate is 21.33% but this does vary between industries and the content the emails include.

Our Changes to Our Emails Seems to be Successful

Also, if you’ve been following us for a while, you may remember that we changed the format of our emails in September so that we only sent out a long email one every four weeks and then sent out a shorter little tips or bits of info each week in between. Since doing this our email open rates have increased slightly which suggests our subscribers like the variety and shorter reads.

So, have you had a look back at your year yet? We’d love to hear what you’ve discovered! If you need any support or guidance on any of this just get in touch and let’s see how we can help.

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