Missing Bits for MemberPress

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We love MemberPress, but we know it could be a little bit better!

Here’s what our Missing Bits for MemberPress plugin can do…

Login & Registration Forms

  • New! Autofocus option for login button (for people that save their login and just want to hit enter to login)
  • New! Styling Options added for group buttons
  • Set a maximum wrapper width
  • Disable button styles on password show/hide
  • Set form field colors including: Borders, Backgrounds and text color and border radius (rounding)
  • Disable and Hide the Comments on Memberships (no more having to manually disable each one)
  • Control font sizes on buttons
  • Force Uppercase on buttons
  • Make Buy Button full width
  • Make Buy Button Centred
  • Set Border Width for Buttons
  • Turn Coupon Code into a button
  • Control Coupon Button colors, border colors, border width, padding
  • Change the terms styling: Background color, text color, border color, border width, make text centred
  • Form Field Focus Background Color
  • Form Field Hover Background Color
  • Form Field Focus Border Color
  • Form Field Hover Border Color
  • Form Text Color (Text outside of fields)
  • Registration Form Padding
  • Registration Form Background Color
  • Login Form Padding
  • Login Form Background Color

Account Pages

  • Turn Account Links into nice “Tabs”

MemberPress Courses

  • New! Remove course instructor from course cards in classroom mode
  • Enable Ordering Abilities on Courses
  • Disable Comments on Courses
  • Set section colors for heading, border, text
  • Change Progress Bar Colors
  • Change Start Button Colors
  • Change Secondary Start Button Colors
  • Turn Instructor Avatar into a circle


We’re planning on adding more to this plugin, so you can submit feature requests once you’ve purchased

All of our plugins come with 2 site activations, so you can add this to your staging site and your live site.


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