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7 Things You Should Have on a Speaker Website That Will Get You Booked

As a speaker you want to get booked easily and having a great speaker website can do that. There are some key things you should have on your website that makes booking you a really easy decision and we are going to share them with you in this blog post.

We have worked with a lot of speakers over the last few years and we created our Speaker website template with Maria Franzoni, a former international speaker bureau owner to ensure it had everything needed to showcase speakers online.

Here are the 7 things you should have on a speaker website to get you booked…

  1. A strong brand. When you’re a speaker you are your brand and so you need to make sure your personality and your approach come across on your website. If your website looks old and dated, then this is reflecting on you which really isn’t good as I’m sure that’s not the brand you want to put out there to potential clients. If your speaking style is fun, then you need this fun to shine through on your website. If, like one of our clients you incorporate music into your speaking events, make sure you have loads of amazing videos and images showing this. Use whatever you need to for your brand to come across well.
  2. A great hero area on your home page. The hero area of a website page is the top area below the main menu bar. This area is prime real estate on your website and where you need to grab your website visitors attention and start getting them to think about taking action and clicking around your website. For a speaker it’s a really good idea to have a picture of yourself in action in this area along with two buttons. One button should be to your showreel and the other to get in contact with you. You can see this in the screenshot of our speaker website template at the top of this blog post and also Tom Morley’s home page is a great example. Although he doesn’t have the contact button in the hero area he has contact highlighted in his menu to make it stand out. Tom Morley Website Screenshots using our speaker website template
  3. Testimonials throughout your website. Having a really strong testimonial on your home page is important, as well as having others around the website in places where they make sense. For example, if you have a testimonial that talks specifically about how great you are and how easy you are to work with, put this on your about page. If one of the things you talk about achieving after people hear you speak is creating more harmony in a workplace and you have a testimonial about how well a team gelled after you worked with them, then use that testimonial alongside where you say that on your website. You can have a testimonials page but people will tend to go there once they’re already thinking of booking you, having them dotted around will help people get to wanting to book you more quickly.
  4. An area highlighting high profile clients you have worked with. If you’ve worked with well known companies or spoken at high profile events it’s great to feature their logos on your home page. These are the kinds of things along with the aforementioned testimonials that will impress people thinking of booking you and probably tip them over the line to getting in contact.
  5. Showcase of videos of you in action. We’ve already mentioned having your showreel linked to on your homepage but if you have other videos of you at events then it’s great to feature those on your website as well.
  6. Books or publications. We often find that many speakers have written a book or books so make sure you feature these on your website and link to where they can be purchased. If you have featured in publications by being interviewed or if someone has done a great review of an event you have spoken at, link to those articles from your website and approach them and ask them to link to your website as well.
  7. A really useful press page. Now, this is the last on the list but don’t let that make you think it’s least important. It’s not. Having a really good press page with how to contact you, photos for publicity use, a short, medium and long bio and any requirements you have around tech, access or travel for events makes the life of the booker much easier and will impress them. This page may also gave other benefits as well. Tom, who we featured above, has written a book and a few months ago he said “I just got myself a literary agent this morning. She said ‘Your website makes it really easy for me to pitch you to publishers. Everything is there.'” So, definitely don’t underestimate this part of your website.

It’s time to create that amazing speaker website

If you know your current website isn’t up to scratch or you haven’t got one yet and you now realise how important it is, then take a look at what our speaker website template includes by visiting our websites for speakers page.

If you’d like some advice or would like to chat to someone about your website, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or book a demo call. We’re always happy to chat.

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