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How to Create a Website or Membership Site if You Aren’t Techy

We have a lot of conversations with people, which start off with them saying something like “I want to create a website but I’m not techy” or “I want to create a membership site, but I don’t know where to start”. We understand and that is where a lot of our members, who are creating their website or membership site with us started.

Now many of them are at a place where they have an amazing site launched or are confidently creating their sites ready for launching soon. The people who are most successful at doing this are the ones who take a methodical approach. The phrase, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ really does apply here.

Be Methodical

It can be so tempting to just jump in, give things a go, try and work things out for yourself but that tends to be a great way of making time pass by without having anything to show for it at the end. Whichever website platform you are using, the right approach to take is to go through the tutorials first, then start using the website builder and keep referring back to the tutorials when needed and then if you still can’t work some things out, ask for help.

If your website platform provides support, use it! It’s great to spend a bit of time trying to work things out but if something hasn’t become obvious within 15 minutes then ask the people who know. For some reason a lot of people plough on and on for ages trying to solve the problem themselves. Perhaps they love a challenge and sometimes we know they don’t like the idea of bothering someone but that’s what the support is there for, that’s what you are paying for so don’t waste your precious time when you don’t need to.

Success Pathways

We do realise that sometimes it may not be clear which tutorials are the right ones to watch first, this is why on Ready Steady Websites® we have created our Success Pathway documents for our members to follow to make the process of creating their website or membership site easy. We have had amazing feedback from our members on these documents and on the whole, those who follow them definitely get their sites live a lot quicker than those who try to plough on themselves.

Ready Steady Websites® Success Pathway to Create a Website

A Tip For Creating Your Membership Site

If you are creating your own membership site then creating your own version of a Success Pathway for your members is a great idea too so they can see how to get those most out of your membership, which will mean they’re more likely to stay as a member for longer. The Success Pathway idea came from the membership guru himself, Stu McLaren and if you are thinking of creating a membership site, he is definitely worth checking out for guidance on audience building, content planning and creation and launching your membership.

In Summary

So, in short, the way to create a website or membership site if you aren’t techy is to do your research on the website platforms and membership site platforms that are out there, choose one that has all the functionality you need to create a site that does what you want it to do and also has a good level of guidance and support to help you through the process. And whatever you do, don’t bury your head in the sand and waste time, when you need help, ask for it and be amazed at your progress!!

Free Resources to Help You Create a Website or Membership Site if You Aren’t Techy

If you would like some guidance on planning your website and choosing the right platform, check out The Website Blueprint and if creating a membership site is in your plans, we will be running our free 10 day Master Your Membership Site Challenge again in the autumn and you can register your interest for that now.

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