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How to Make the Most of Your Online Presence and Increase Your Leads

Last month we did a four week series of Live videos with the fantastic Yellow Tuxedo. They are digital visibility experts who help businesses make the most of their online space. Combining their knowledge and ours just made sense to create this series of Lives to help business owners, like yourself, really make the most of your online presence and increase your leads.

The first Live in the series was called just that. There is a link to the video below and please just ignore us sorting out some sound issues at the beginning, they do get resolved pretty quickly and then the magic begins!

Some of the key points that came out of our discussion were:

  • The importance of having consistent branding and tone of voice across all social media platforms, your website and wherever anyone is going to find you so that you are instantly recognisable and are building trust every time someone has a touch point with you.
  • It’s key to add new, useful content to your website regularly.
  • Social media is great for driving traffic to that content, but don’t rely on it solely.
  • Guest opportunities can be fantastic for reaching a new audience, getting link backs to your website and also a great subject to create lots of new content about.
  • Use testimonials throughout your website, not just on a testimonials page.
  • What is above the fold (at the top) of the homepage on your website is really key and should include a statement that makes it clear what you do and some call to action buttons so that your website visitor can take the next step towards buying from you.

We cover even more than this and there really are some brilliant tips in there.

You can watch the video here and if you have any questions during and after watching, pop them in the comments and we will be more than happy to answer them.

Next Stages for Making the Most of Your Online Presence

If you would like to go into greater depth into planning your website so that you can make sure you have the structure, layout and content right, or if you would like to find out more about some of the things you should be doing to nurture your website, then we have two workshops that you will find really useful.

The Blueprint Workshop – Planning Your Website for Success

The Website TLC Workshop – Nurturing Your Website for Success

We originally ran them live and we had such great feedback on them that we decided to make the recordings available to anyone who needs them.

Both workshops come hand in hand with a workbook to use so that you make progress with improving or starting your website. Also, The Website TLC Workshop helps you to create an action plan so that you actually identify what you are going to do and when, to make your website work harder for your business.

Take Action

Whatever you do after watching the live, whether it’s watching the workshops or you feel you got enough form the live, make sure you do actually take action by making any changes you have identified that will give you more chance of generating leads so that you move your business forward. Future you will thank you!

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