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12 Membership Site Content Ideas that Will Appeal to Different Learning Styles

We all learn differently and there have been many theories around different learning styles published over the years. Whether you subscribe to Kolb’s Theory around Experiential Learning, you like Honey and Munford’s development of this, or you agree with the VAK theory that we learn either in a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic way, one thing can be agreed on, we don’t all learn in the same way. (You can get a simple overview of the different theories here.) This is why, if you are planning content for a membership site you need to come up with a variety of content ideas.

You need to be providing content that will help everyone develop, however they do that best. Another reason for having a range of content styles is just about people’s personal lifestyle preference as well. Some people like to sit down in the evening and read an interesting article. Others might not have time for this and might prefer listening to a discussion or an article being read while they’re working out, driving or going about some other day to day activity. Or you have those who like to be fully engaged in their learning, watching a video while taking notes and perhaps doing an activity they have been set. Then there will be those who don’t like to just absorb the content but want to be part of the conversation or debate.

If you prefer one way of learning or taking in content yourself or you only really like delivering content in one way, it can be hard to come up with a range of different content ideas for your membership site. Which is why we have put this blog post together and in the interest of catering for different learning styles and preferences, we also did a Facebook live on this topic last week, which you can watch here.

Here are 12 membership site content ideas for you to consider:

  1. Video Tutorials – a quick 20 to 30 minute video with a specific learning focus.
  2. Masterclasses – between 30 to 60 minutes of taught content via video, broken down into smaller bitesize videos to make it easier for the member to take on board. This could be run by the membership owner or a guest expert.
  3. Courses – much more in-depth teach into something with a range of content.
  4. Challenges – a time limited, possibly live delivery type of course to encourage members to commit to take action. Also great to open up to non-members as a way of showing them what you have to offer and get them into your membership.
  5. Downloads – handouts / workbooks / journal pages – these would usually accompany a tutorial, masterclass or course to support the learning.
  6. Written Articles or blog posts – this could echo some of your other content and possibly go more in-depth and link to further reading.
  7. Group coaching or goal setting calls – great for those members who like to reflect on their learning and talk a subject through. Also a great way of getting members to set goals and make progress.
  8. Q&A sessions with experts – another great way of solidifying learning for those who like to chat about it and also just for members to get as much as they can from an expert.
  9. Interviews – podcast style interviews are a great piece of audio only content.
  10. Audio files of articles or short audio books – another one for people to listen to on the go.
  11. Physical products – this is something that won’t work for everyone but if you are a coach, including an annual planner as part of your membership could work well to support your members or if you have a wellness related membership, perhaps a sample of a product that would support the activities they do through the membership would work well.
  12. Community – having some form of community to support your other content is very valuable for a lot of people. It encourages discussion, sharing of learning and achievement and gives a place for people to ask questions.

Don’t try to include too much

Don’t try to use all of these types of content in your membership. Whatever someone’s learning style or preference, they can get overloaded or overwhelmed. We recommend you have a maximum of four new pieces of content in your membership each month and a new course or a challenge should be added every so often, not monthly as they will be more time consuming.

As you can see from the list, you can cater for a range of learning styles by selecting different types of content and you can create a pattern of content that your members get used to and comfortable with.

Put it into practice

If creating a membership site is part of your business plan then our 10 Day Master Your Membership Site Challenge gives you even more support around creating a membership site, forming a content plan and choosing the right platform to build your membership site on. You can click here for more information and to sign up.

Good luck moving forward with your membership and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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