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5 Ways to Update Your Website Content Regularly

If you Google “how often should I update my website content” you will get a range of advice, but the general consensus is you should be updating it at least once a month. This is good from an SEO perspective but it also keeps it fresh and interesting for returning website visitors. So, here are five ways you can update your website content regularly.

1.     Regular Blog Posts

Now, the key word here is “regular”. Whatever blog post release schedule you go for you need to be able to maintain it. We put out weekly blog posts on our website and have been doing so for over a year. This is possible for us because there are two of us in the business and we have a business support network who we can ask for guest posts at times when we know it’s going to be harder for us to maintain the weekly schedule ourselves. If you can’t commit to weekly blog posts don’t. If every other week or once a month is more achievable then do that.

Also, make sure the blog posts are useful and relevant to your ideal client or customer. The purpose of writing blog posts isn’t just to keep your content fresh so that Google likes your website better and ranks it higher, they are also very useful for attracting new people to your website.

2.     Testimonials

Adding a new testimonial to your website when you get one is another great way of keeping your website up to date. It’s not often that someone comes to your website once, loves you and becomes and client or customer straight away. Quite often people will do their research first. They will look at your website, then go and look at someone else’s. They may think about it for a week or two and then come back to your website again.

Now, if in that week or two that they have been away, another testimonial has appeared on your website, then that looks really good. It shows you are current, that people are regularly willing to give praise for what you do. That new testimonial could be just the convincer that website visitor needs to take the plunge and buy from you or get in touch to find out more.

3.     New Photos or Images

If you have a personal brand, it’s really important to keep your branding photography up to date. If you’ve had a major haircut or weight loss since the photos you have on your website were taken or perhaps a couple of decades have passed (we’ve all seen those photos and then met the person!), it’s a good idea to get some new photos on there. This is especially important if your process of starting to work with someone is that they see you on the website, then book in a taster Zoom call or session then decide to buy. It can be quite jarring if the person they are faced with on that first meeting doesn’t look like the person they are expecting and you don’t want anything to get in the way of converting that person to a client or customer.

If you don’t have a personal brand but you do have pictures of your business in action on your website, then again, refreshing those every so often is going to show that your business is active, you’ve got lots of work on and you’re the best people at what you do.

4.     Keep Your Copy Up to Date

This is especially important if you have time sensitive information in your copy. For example, an about page that mentions ages does need to be updated on a yearly basis. A tip not to get caught out on this is to say things like “We launched our business in 2010,” rather than saying, “Our business is 11 years old”.

Also, if someone has joined or left the business, reflect this in the copy. Or make a bigger deal of it in a blog post. Even just these little changes help to keep your website fresh.

5.     Celebrate Business Wins

If you have been nominated for or won an award or you have been featured in the press, put this on your website. Even if you just add a “Featured in” row somewhere on your website with the logos of the awards or publications. That’s still new content and another great way of showing people that you have got a good reputation.

These types of things are also great blog post content, mixed in with the useful and informative posts.

Hopefully you will be able to incorporate at least some of these into your content plan for your website and make sure you set reminders or pop a note on your planner to make sure you are staying on top of these regularly.

For more great tips on making the most of your website, check out our resources and courses.

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