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3 Top Tips for Mastering Your Membership Site

Many people are switching part or all of their business online and one way to do that is by creating an online membership. It’s a great way of generating a recurring monthly income and also a way to get your useful content out to a lot of people at once.

We have three top tips to get you started on creating a fantastic membership and membership site.

1. Make sure you are actually ready to start a membership.

In our blog post, 3 Things You Should Do Before You Start a Membership Site, we talk about how we feel you should be at a certain stage in your business before you start a membership. You should be launching a membership to a warm audience of people you really think will benefit from it and you should truly be an expert in the area that you work in. If you aren’t quite there yet with those two things, then carry on working in and on your business and set creating a membership as a goal for the future.

2. Plan and prepare the content.

A well planned membership site is much easier to manage, making life easier for you! It will also provide a much better experience for your members. Things to consider when planning your content are:

  • Provide a range of types of content eg. a mix of video, written articles, activities, group calls etc. We all prefer to learn and take information in in different ways and so by catering for different learning styles, you will keep all of your members engaged.
  • Don’t overwhelm with too much content. Many membership site owners think that the more content they provide the more value their members are getting but one of the reasons people leave memberships is because they feel they can’t keep on top of all the content and so they aren’t using what they are paying for and leave.
  • Prepare your content in batches. By setting aside content creation days and scheduling the content on your membership site then the stress of updating your membership site every week or month is taken away from you. This means that you will have more energy to support your members through a community or coaching calls – whatever works best for the nature of your membership.

3. Choose the right, future proof method for creating your membership site.

Once you have planned your membership you will have a better idea of the functionality that you need on your membership site and will be better placed to choose the right platform or method for creating it. You should also choose a platform for your membership site that will grow with you. So when you are planning consider how you see your membership growing, whether you are going to add different membership tiers, whether you will add in different types of content down the line. Once you have set up a membership with recurring payments it’s not easy to move people to another system. It’s possible, just not easy and so it’s better to avoid that if possible and get it right first time.

If you would like to go into more detail into how to plan a fantastic membership site and how to choose the right platform for you, then take a look at our free 10 Day Master Your Membership Site challenge which we run a couple of times a year. You can find out more and sign up here.

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