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Women planning a website

What is the Purpose of Your Business Website?

Are you clear on the purpose of your business website? Have you actually thought about it or do you just know you should have a one? If you are thinking about getting a business website or you’ve just popped something up online, that’s great. You have taken the right step but knowing the purpose of…

5 tips to help you dress up, show up, be confident on zoom

5 Tips to Help You Dress Up, Show Up and be Confident on Zoom

Guest post by Sarah Sullivan from Style Solutions by Sarah Over the last 2 years Zoom / Teams meetings and online networking have become very much a part of our working lives.  Many of us are logging on at least once a week to catch up with work colleagues. Customers are also expecting to be…

Blue Monday on blue background

Today is Blue Monday

Is this blog post website related? Not really. Are there going to be any top tips in here? Probably not. Will it help you in anyway? Hopefully, let’s see. We are seeing and hearing that a lot of people are struggling with the January blues this year, more than in past years. Today is supposed…

Woman on laptop sitting in a server room used for web hosting

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting? This is a question a lot of people have when they are starting to think about creating a website. When you start a business there are so many things that you have to work out. How to set up a website is one of them and then working out all the…

Chris looking at a one page website on his phone

What Should I Include on a One Page Website? 3 Key Things.

It’s the start of the year. It’s the perfect time to set some goals for your business and if it hasn’t been a priority before, we recommend you prioritise your website this year and maybe set up a one page website. We are hearing more and more people saying that they are struggling with the…

Jude and Chris in Christmas jumpers and hats smiling Thank you

A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Has Supported Us in 2021

I think in 2020 we hoped that 2021 would see life going back to normal and although it has got a bit better, it’s still not the world as we knew it. A majority of business meetings and networking have continued to happen online, which although it takes away some of the personal touch, has…