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4 Top Tips to Improve Your Website Homepage

I have so many top tips to make your website homepage work harder for you so your website visitors stick around and actually take action on your website. It’s something we talk about a lot but here are a few of our top tips.

1. As soon as someone hits your homepage it should be clear to them what it is that you do.

This means your images and initial message at the top of your home page, which can be seen before someone scrolls have to be spot on. Don’t just put a photo in there because you like it if it doesn’t actually relate to what you offer.

2. Your website homepage needs to load quickly.

You can check out how well you are doing on this at gtmetrix.com. But if your homepage is slow to load then people might not hang around to actually look at it. I know I get very frustrated when I come to a slow loading website and usually there is another website I can get that product or service from and so I do.

3. Your homepage should have a clear call to action on it.

Whatever it is you want to achieve through your website – sell products, build your email list, get people to book a free call or more than one of these – that needs to be reflected through a call to action or call to actions on your homepage.

Include clear buttons or sign up boxes for people to use on your homepage. Even if they don’t take action then and there the first time they see it, if it’s nice and clear they will remember it’s there and when they are ready they can come back to it.

4. Don’t confuse your homepage with your about page.

Don’t launch into your autobiography on your homepage. Your homepage is all about your ideal client and showing them you have what you need. You can put a little bit about yourself on there if you have a personal brand and it’s relevant but save your big intro for your about page.

More Tips

As I said at the start, I have lots more tips on getting your homepage and website working really well for you business. Our free website checklist would be a great next step for you and also our book, The Website Handbook.

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