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Jude and Chris Wharton

Have You Met Chris and Jude?

Some of you may know us fairly well, some of you are maybe new to our world and haven’t met us at all. Whichever camp you fall into or if you’re in the middle, this is your chance to get to know us, Chris and Jude, a bit better. Meet Chris Job title: Co-Founder of…

It's All Good in lit up letters

4 Ways You Could Be Using Testimonials More Effectively on Your Website

When someone has used your service or bought a product from you, do you ask for a testimonial or a review? If not, you should be. Using testimonials effectively is a great way to turn someone from interested in what you do into a paying client or customer. If you do ask for testimonials, are…


6 Big Website Related Faux Pas

Unsurprisingly we look at a lot of websites. Not only do we need to do this as part of running our business but someone’s website is our go to place, over and above social media, to find out more about a person or a business. So, we do spot a lot of website related faux…

Fudge on plate, an example of a great product image

Why Incredible Product Images Are So Important.

by Christina Palmer from Captured by Crissi Having incredible product images should be one of your top priorities… but why? Think about when you go out shopping. Shops put up big displays to inspire us. It allows us to imagine owning the products and visualise them in our lives. Humans are incredibly cognitive creatures –…

Man with face in hands at work

4 Things That are Stopping People from Moving Forward in Business.

We have been in business for 11 years, well 10 years and 11 months ish, at the time of writing this. Over those 11 years we have helped literally thousands of people with their website or membership site and had lots of interactions with people considering using us to help them create their site as…

Women networking

The Power of Networking and 5 Tips for Getting it Right

We come across a lot of people who seem to underestimate the power of networking in business. We also come across people who try to convince themselves they don’t need to network because they are worried about doing it. Then there are those who fully embrace it and credit the growth of the business in…