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The Five Fundamentals of a Great Brand

Hi, I’m Lauren of LaHu Brand Visibility and I’m a Brand Specialist offering Photography, Video, Design and Coaching in Brand Development and Business Confidence. I’m obsessed with helping my clients get unstuck by addressing the things that hold them back, stepping over their fears and walking their why. This is all about starting a conversation…

Two people at a computer working on their online business

3 Really Useful Articles to Help You with Your Online Business

Chris and I are always trying to stay on top of useful information that’s out there which is relevant to websites, membership sites and online business in general. We do this to keep ourselves in the loop but also to help you, our members and our clients. Each week we put together an email digest…

You got this in chalk on ground

Is Your Website Giving the Right Impression of your Business?

Having a website that is giving the right impression of your business can have a big impact on it. We have a member who couldn’t believe the increase in enquiries they got once they put their website live, after having put it off for so long because they thought word of mouth and social media…

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3 Reasons to Prioritise Your Business Website This Year

If you have set yourself some big goals for your business in 2021 then you need to prioritise your website to help you achieve them. To drive your business forward you need a marketing tool that you are fully in control of. There are so many reasons why you should use your website as that…

Writing on wall

Building an Engaged Audience Through Social Media – Looking at your social media strategy for 2021.

by Nicola Webster of NJ Webster Consulting 2020 was the stuff of nightmares for marketing teams. As the pandemic saw everything grind to a halt, plans were pulled and ideas shelved. Yet social media kept going, and arguably became more important, given the instantaneous and responsive nature of social media platforms. The clear winners of…

Chris and Jude smiling

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2020

2020 has been a strange and difficult year for so many people. We have been very lucky, we have stayed healthy and Ready Steady Websites® has been what so many people have needed to help them bring their business online this year, so we haven’t experienced the business worries that so many people have had…