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Woman with phone and laptop in an art studio

How Do You Like to Communicate with a Business?

Do you have a preference on how you like to communicate with a business? Do You Like Email or Prefer to Talk? We do most of our communication via email. You may have come to this blog post through our weekly email if you’re on our email list. We keep in touch with our members…

Close up of old fashioned typewriter

3 Reasons Why Text Shouldn’t be an Image on a Website

Text shouldn’t be an image on a website but it’s still happening. We are still seeing and hearing about people putting their text on their website as an image. We clearly haven’t spread the word that this shouldn’t be happening far enough. Normally when we see this, it’s titles that are on a website as…

Claire from Claire with the Camera a small business brand photographer based in Surrey

7 Must Have Photos for your Small Business Website

Guest post and must have photos taken by Claire with the Camera Every photo and image you use on your website should truly reflect the vision, values and vibe of your business to create a consistent, recognisable brand. You want to pack your website full of personality, so it stands out in a sea of…

Hands writing on planner while holding coffee cup

Be Honest with Yourself and Get Your Website Finished and Out There

I think being honest with yourself is key to making your business a success and will help you get your website finished and out there. We work with a lot of people who say they are going to do things but they never get them done. We know they want to do these things but…

A woman being filmed for an interview

3 Ways to Make the Most of Guest Opportunities on Your Website

Guest opportunities are a great way to get yourself known by a new audience or a new group of people and a really good way to showcase your knowledge and expertise. These are also brilliant to use as extra content and as a way of helping your website visitors to trust you because you must…

Woman working at laptop

3 Tips to Improve Your Productivity to Get you Working on Your Website or Membership Site.

This blog post has been inspired by this Instagram post I saw from the awesome Jodie at The Business Allotment. The post is about how sitting at the same desk everyday to work may be limiting our inspiration. You will see if you look at the post that I commented saying that we try to…