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Which Website Template is Best?

If you have decided you need a new website and you think you would like to create your website yourself using a website template then you are probably wondering, which website template is best?

The answer very much depends on these things:

  1. What it is you want your website to achieve.
  2. The look and feel you want for your website.
  3. How tech savvy and confident you are about creating your website.

What Do You Want Your Website to Achieve?

It’s really important you know this before you choose your website template because if you would like clients to be able to book meetings through it and also sell products but you’ve chosen a website template that doesn’t have this functionality built it, you’re going to be a bit annoyed.

If what you’re looking for is a simple website with your contact details for people to get in touch and the ability for people to join your email list (everyone should be doing this!) then more templates will work for you.

What is the Look and Feel You Want for Your Website?

This is really important. Your website needs to reflect your brand – consistency with this is key in creating an amazing user experience and getting someone to trust you and buy from you.

A lot of website templates are very flexible and the look and feel can easily be changed but this isn’t the case for all of them so it is worth checking before you commit and get started – never make assumptions!

How Tech Savvy and Confident Are You When it Comes to Websites?

There are loads of website templates out there and many of them are just that, which is great if you don’t think you need any support and you know what you are doing. But very few people really are as good as they need to be to create a genuinely professional looking and smooth functioning business website on their own. And that’s what you want, a website that’s going to impress people and bring in leads and sales, otherwise you may as well not bother at all. A bad website can actually do more harm than good to your business.

Back to, Which Website Template is Best?

So, to partly answer the question, which website template is best, it’s one that ticks all your functionality and design boxes and comes with some kind of guidance and support. That might be in the form of good support docs you can refer to, or tutorials or a support system where you can actually ask the developer support questions and get a timely response. Or even better, all of those things.

Plan Your Website First

We really do recommend before you choose a website template and platform that you properly plan your website first so that you really do know what you need from them. The Website Handbook is a great resource to help you with this and guides you in the process of how to chose the right platform to create your website so you really do end up with one that’s right for you and your business.

Another great book to help you plan your website and your business marketing in general is Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand.

If you have realised you do need a template that you can add functionality to, is very flexible in look and feel and comes with excellent training and support then we can help you with that! We have some amazing website templates for you to choose from with a range of plans and also a plan picker to help you choose the right plan for you to get creating on.

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