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8 Steps to Batch Planning Your Brand Photos and Behind the Scenes Photos

Batch planning is useful in many areas of business including for your brand photos or behind the scenes photos to use on your website or social media.

Last year I met the lovely Petra van der Wal from Instants Academy. We chatted during networking and then decided we needed to chat some more because we both had a similar view on the need for a business’ online presence to look professional in a way that’s easily achievable. It’s with that in mind that I wanted to share a blog post that Petra has written called The KEY to Work with Ease and Flow (and save lots of time and money).

Why Batch Plan Your Brand Photos and Behind the Scenes Photos?

In this blog post Petra answers this in more detail and lays out eight steps for batch planning your brand and behind the scenes photoshoots. When she talks about photoshoots she isn’t talking about a shoot with a brand photographer that requires a bit of budget and which you might need to book months in advance (those certainly have their place in business), she’s talking about blocking out some time to take photos of your work or your products or to get a friend to take photos of you so you have plenty for socials or blog posts and never find yourself stuck for visual content.

Go and have a read of the post here and then check out the video below where Petra and I have a chat about three of the tips she outlines in her post.

An Awesome Bonus

Also, because she’s lovely, Petra is giving Ready Steady Websites® followers 20% off her Star Self Photography VIP Day, her VIP Coaching Course and her Batch Planning Toolkit all of which are mentioned at the end of her blog post. Use the code RSW20 to get the deal.

Also, if you are a member of our Website Mentoring Membership, Petra is in the Facebook group and happy to answer questions and give advice. If you aren’t already a member you can find out more here and join for as little as £9 per month and you get a copy of The Website Handbook included as well!!

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