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5 Ways to Get People to Click on Your Freebie

You’ve created a great free resource. You know it’s so useful but you can’t seem to get people to click on your freebie. Here are five tips to help you get people clicking and build your email list.

1. Have your freebie easy to spot on your website.

Make it very clear that you have a free resource or multiple free resources on your website. Having a well labelled button on your homepage above the fold (the bit you see before you scroll) is a great way of doing this. Also having a “Freebie” menu item in your main menu is also a great way to make it obvious that you’ve got something that your website visitor can get for free that will help them. The more obvious you make it, the more clicks you’ll get.

2. Use pop ups in a non-invasive way especially for time sensitive freebies.

Now, I know I’ve said the words ‘pop’ and ‘up’ and for some people reading this it’ll be like I’ve just mentioned the devil. But pop ups used well really do work. We use a type of pop up that’s more of a slide in than a pop up and it works. You can see it below and the real thing may even be on at the moment. It doesn’t block much of the screen, it doesn’t affect the user experience much, it doesn’t appear straight away making it far less annoying than many pop ups and it works! So don’t write pop ups off completely but use them occasionally and well.

Freebie pop up example

3. Use social media to tease some of the learnings from your freebie.

If you get social media right it can make a big difference to the uptake of your freebie. Some great ways of bringing people from your social media to your freebie is to share a couple of top tips from it in a post or carousel with a call to action to click on a link whether that’s in the post, the comments or your bio (depending on the platform) to get the full freebie. Then you can share this post to your story and include the direct link there too and then on platforms where you can, feature this post or story as well. Then repeat this every so often so more people see it.

We have got to the point where we don’t pay for ads to fill our workshops anymore. We get all our participants organically by using this approach and we do a little reel every so often as well.

4. Make it clear on the landing page what your freebie provides.

It’s a good idea to have a specific landing page for your freebie which gives an overview of the benefits of signing up for it. Make it sound so awesome they have no doubt about clicking that button.

5. Offer new freebies to your existing email list.

You may think this sounds a bit silly, the point of a freebie is to build your email list and these people are already on it but it’s worth it for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a great way to nurture them and remind them how useful you can be to them. Secondly, once they’ve got the freebie or been on the workshop, whatever your freebie is, it might prompt them to tell someone else about it so they come and get it too.

More Support to Get People to Click on Your Freebie

If after reading this you have realised that there are things you need to work on around your website and social media to make this work, then we have our 11 Point Website Checklist to help you identify the areas of your website you might need to work on. We also have a free download which is a brand checklist, to ensure you’ve got your branding right across all touch points of your business such as your social media. And finally, The Website Handbook to help you from the start of your website journey through to creating ongoing content. Once you’ve got this right you will definitely get people to click on your freebie.

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