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6 Things That Make a Good Coaching Website

There are some obvious things that you should have on a good coaching website. These include:

  • Easy ways for people to get in touch with you.
  • Clear calls to action so that people actually click around your website, find out more and join your email list or commit to working with you.
  • An email list builder such as a free resource so you can easily turn website visitors into leads and build a relationship with them so they can see you’re the coach to work with.
  • Brilliant, up to date photos of you so your website visitors start to feel a connection with you.
  • Evidence of how awesome you are such as testimonials, qualifications and logos of companies you have worked with or who recommend you.
  • And this…

clear information about what you do and how you do it.

Now, the reason I have drawn this one to your attention more than the rest is because some coaches and also quite a few people in the wellness industry often fall into the trap of writing a lot of words on their website without actually saying anything.

We created an Instagram reel on this a while ago but it’s still a problem.

We see a lot of this kind of thing, “I’m here to empower and enable you to make a positive change in your life through creating a shift and making positive choices to overcome what has been holding you back. By doing this you yourself will have the power to make this shift and feel this change and the positive outcomes will enable you to take action in other areas of your life. If this sounds good then get in touch.”

While this all sounds incredibly positive and lovely I really have no idea what they’re asking me to get in touch about.

How will they work with me and what will change? Do they focus on my life as a whole? Do they help me make a change in my career? Do they focus on health? How do they work with me? Will it be through one to one sessions? In person? Online?

You need to be really specific. Some people may read the content above and think, well that sounds great let’s just get in touch to find out. But for people who have heard that maybe coaching would benefit them but they’re nervous and not sure, they will absolutely want the details if they are going to be persuaded to get in touch.

Even if your coaching methods are led by your clients, say that on your website. And even if that is the case, I’m sure you work within a range of methods so outline those on your website. Also if you work with people for a number of different reasons, for some it may be health, for others confidence, for others they are focusing on moving forward in their business, list these and have relevant testimonials to back them up.

This way when someone comes to your website and they see you talking about a situation that they relate to, evidence from a client of the help you’ve provided and they see some methods they are comfortable with they are more likely to get in touch.

The whole point of having a website for a business is so it helps you generate leads and sales and helps you to market and grow your business so make sure you are getting it right so it does that.

Creating Your Coaching Website

If you need some help with your website then check out our websites for coaches page on our website where we show you what’s included in our coach website template. This might give you some inspiration for your own website or you might decide that creating your coaching website with us is what you’d like to do as it’s such an important part of your business.

Our Coach Website Template Layouts for Coaching Websites
Our Coach Website Template perfect for creating your online coaching website

You could also check out our free resources or read some more of our blog posts for great tips.

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