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8 Things a Great Fitness Website Should Include

A great guide for all business websites which certainly applies to a fitness website is it should answer all the questions the website visitor might have.

Questions You Should Answer on Your Fitness Website

When it comes to someone deciding if they want to use your fitness business, first of all they need some key practical questions answered such as:

  • Location of your business or the sessions you run.
  • Times and dates of your classes/sessions/or when you’re available for one to one work.
  • Whether you provide equipment or they have to bring it with them.

If your answers to these questions tick their boxes and the practical bit is taken care of then there will be further questions that they have to see if you’re the right fit for them. They might be worried about the size of the classes or sessions, whether you offer women’s only sessions, sessions for over 60s or if you will offer one to one sessions. They may have concerns over their fitness levels and whether they’d be able to cope or keep up.

If you answer all of these things on your website it gives a clear picture of who you want to work with, it shows your potential clients that you understand them and their thought process and that will make them feel more inclined to work with you.

Make the Process of Contacting You and Buying Easy

Once your website visitors’ questions are answered it’s also important that you make it really easy for them to book onto a session or to get in touch to enquire about joining your membership or doing a trial. It’s important that you also give a clear overview of your pricing, even if some aspects of your work may need to be quoted for. You’ve done the hard work of selling what you do to them, don’t fall at the final hurdle of getting them on board.

Your Fitness Business Website Should Make Your Life Easier

The main goals of having a website for your fitness business is to attract people to your business and generate more clients but it can also make your life easier too. People can book calls, sessions or classes through it. Payments can be taken through it. You can build you email list for marketing through it and more.

So, with all of this in mind…

Here are 8 Things You Should Include on a Great Fitness Website

  1. A home page which shows your ideal client they’re in the right place. Which starts to answer some of the questions mentioned above and encourages people to want to find out more. It’s also a great idea to include some stand out testimonials on this page to show how people feel working with you and the changes they have experienced.
  2. An about page which demonstrates your experience, your qualifications and why you do what you do so that people feel they are starting to get to know you and feel confident that you’re the right person for them to work with. Include a really nice photo of you on this page as well but make sure it’s a recent one. Don’t pick that one of you on the beach looking stunning when you were 20. That was a long time ago now (well it is for us anyway!) and people want to see the real you.
  3. Personal training / classes pages covering why they’re amazing, days, times, venues, how the sessions or classes work and everything they need to know to be able to join in.
  4. Other services pages such as fitness plans or nutrition plans explaining the benefits, how your process works, whether it’s a one off or an ongoing supportive process.
  5. Contact page or panel including map(s) so that it’s really easy for people to make enquiries and get to you. Alongside the maps it’s also really useful to include information that makes it easier to find you or where to park. Even if it’s really obvious when they get there some people need to feel really confident before going somewhere new that they’ve got all the information so by doing this you’re going that extra step to put them at ease.
  6. An image gallery is great to have on your website. You can use it to show the amazing transformations your clients have had or to show how unintimidating your classes or gym are with pictures of really normal looking people having fun.
  7. Your prices should be really clear on your website. It’s something nearly everyone will want to know before they work with you and you won’t be getting people who can’t afford your services wasting your time and enquiring. If some of your services can’t easily be priced because it depends on the clients’ needs then put a “starting from” price on there to give an idea.
  8. A way for people to join your email list is really useful to have on your website because sending regular emails to a list is a great way of marketing your business. You could offer a top tips download or even a free trial in return for their email address.

Time to Create an Amazing New Fitness Website?

If you know you need a new website for your fitness business but you haven’t been sure about where to start, take a look at our fitness website template on our websites for fitness professionals page.

Fitness website template layouts
Some of the page layouts from our fitness website template

This template is really flexible and here are some of the websites that are using the template for their businesses: PaddlePod, Nemo Swimming, B-Fit Fitness.

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