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Top Tips for Blog Posts

If you have decided that it’s time to start a blog or you are struggling for inspiration for your current blog then these blog posts from our archives will be brilliant to help you get started, get inspired and on track.

Some blog post inspiration:

3 Sources of Blog Post Inspiration

Our Top 5 Blog Post Titles of 2021

Content That Gets a Click by Kate Llewellyn

We mentioned this one in last week’s post on content creation but there are some great tips in here to help you work out what to write about:

8 Useful Websites and Web Tools for Creating Website Content

If you are struggling from writer’s block and can’t get in the flow, then this guest post is for you:

How to Write Easily and Quickly by Dr Jennifer Jones

If you are still struggling to get started after reading those posts then maybe writing a blog isn’t for you. Perhaps doing a vlog or creating a podcast is more up your street if talking comes more naturally to you than writing. You can then transcribe those to become blog posts or write a short summary of what you have covered in them and link to them in a blog post. It’s good to be creative with your content creation and work it around your loves and strengths.

If you want more guidance on getting your content strategy right, then this chat we had with Yellow Tuxedo might be of interest to you:

Getting your digital content strategy right…

Happy content creating!

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