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4 Top Tips for Contact Pages to Get More Leads from Your Website

Is one of the key actions you want people to take on your website to get in contact with you? If so, is your website achieving this? If not, you may need to revisit your contact page and put into action some of our top tips for contact pages to get more leads from your website.

1. Give people a choice of contact methods on your contact page

Not everyone wants to fill in a contact form but also not everyone likes talking on the phone. This is why you should have a choice of ways people can get in contact with you on your contact page. By giving people this choice you are much more likely to get enquiries and leads from your website. Where possible include your social media links as a way for people to contact you. A lot of people feel more comfortable using this as a means of communicating these days.

2. If you have opening times state them clearly

If there are times when you won’t be open or won’t be responding to enquiries then make this clear on your contact page and keep these times up to date if they change. This way, if you have a bricks and mortar business, potential clients or customers aren’t going to make a wasted trip to come and visit and you are also managing people’s expectations on when to expect to hear back from you.

3. Make email addresses and phone numbers clickable

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch. They don’t want to have to copy and paste details. If they are browsing your website on their phone, then being able to tap the screen on your number and make a call to you straight away takes away that time when they could change their mind. It’s the same with sending an email – a quick click rather than a copy and paste job will bring you more leads through your website.

4. Give clear ways of contacting different people or offices

If you have a larger business or organisation and there isn’t just one point of contact, make this clear on your contact page. You could give specific email addresses for people to use for different people or enquiries.  If you have a phone system, make it clear what number option to press once they have phoned the phone number. If you have a number of offices you could direct people to different contact pages for each office. The clearer and easier you make it for your website visitor to get in touch with the right person first time, the more likely the enquiry is to lead to them becoming a client or customer.

Here are some great examples of contact pages that incorporate these tips:

Nemo Swimming

NK Active

Michelmersh and Timsbury Youth FC

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