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Top Tips for Website Content

Whether you are just getting started with your website or you are giving it a bit of a refresh with some new content, it can sometimes be hard to get it right, especially if writing doesn’t come naturally to you. This is why over the last few years we have worked closely with Kate Llewellyn from The Content Consultancy to support people with their website content writing.

Getting Started with Your Website Content

Kate has written some great guest blog posts for us and we regularly refer back to them. This first post is a really good starting point when you are creating your website content:

Get Writing Your Website Off to a Strong Start Part 1: 5 Top Tips for Crafting Your Website Copy

We also have some tips in one of our own past posts to help you choose topics to write about, how to get the look of your content right and also to help you showcase the great feedback you have from your clients and customers which are great to include on your website.

8 Useful Websites and Web Tools for Creating Website Content

Improving Your Website Content

If you feel you’re almost there with your content but you know it could be a bit better then this post from Kate is definitely worth a read:

Get Writing Your Website Off to a Strong Start Part 2: Insider Tips from The Content Consultancy for Ensuring Polished Website Copy

If you want to make sure you really are getting your website right, then check out our free Website Checklist for more guidance and tips.

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