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Our Top 5 Blog Post Titles of 2021

We are continuing our blog post theme for December of reviewing 2021 and in this blog post we are looking at our top five blog post titles of the year.

If you read our blog post last week you will have seen a theme to our top email subject lines of 2021 and that theme continues in our blog post titles. But before we talk about that, here are our most read blog posts of 2021.

Top 5 Blog Post Titles of 2021

Number 1 – 5 Email Newsletter Content Ideas

Number 2 – 3 Website Design Disasters to Avoid

Number 3 – Content That Gets a Click

Number 4 – Get Writing Your Website Off to a Strong Start Part 1: 5 Top Tips for Crafting Your Website Copy

Number 5 – Get Writing Your Website Off to a Strong Start Part 2: Insider Tips from The Content Consultancy for Ensuring Polished Website Copy

The Common Theme

What do three of these titles have in common with each other and also our top email subject lines from last week? Yes, they contain numbers. Which shows that including numbers in your headings, subject lines and titles really is a good idea!

People love it when they know exactly how many things they are going to find out. People also like content they can use such as content ideas and as I also said in last week’s post, they love finding out about things going wrong, which is why I think the design disasters post was so popular.

So, when you are planning your blog posts and email newsletters for next year, take these things into consideration but I would say, don’t get hooked on any one method of attracting people. If you share a disaster or mishap every week people might get bored of that but if you have an amusing anecdote or a piece of learning from something that went wrong that you are happy to share every so often, you can do so knowing it will probably be well received.

Before I finish this post, I need to acknowledge that numbers three, four and five in our list of top blog posts were all written by the same guest blogger. Kate Llewellyn from The Content Consultancy (I know, it’s not surprising her posts do so well!) is a brilliant support to us and I’m sure my writing has improved since using her tips. If you need any guidance with writing great content then take a look at what Kate does, including her fantastic membership to support business owners with content creation.

And, if you’d like to keep an eye on the subject lines and titles we are using next year, then you can subscribe to our blog here or join our email list by getting one of our free resources.

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