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A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Has Supported Us in 2021

I think in 2020 we hoped that 2021 would see life going back to normal and although it has got a bit better, it’s still not the world as we knew it. A majority of business meetings and networking have continued to happen online, which although it takes away some of the personal touch, has meant that we continue to meet people who we may not have done before.

Thank You

We are so grateful for the contacts and business friends we have met online who have supported us and we look forward to continuing to build those relationships and develop new relationships in 2022! So, we would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us, bought from us, told someone they know about us, commented on our videos or posts, shared something they’ve seen of ours or just given us a compliment over the last year. It means a lot and it makes Ready Steady Websites® what it is.

Ready Steady Websites® Continues to Grow

Last year we celebrated reaching 100 Ready Steady Websites® members and to date, we can say that 191 people have used Ready Steady Websites®. We didn’t quite hit the 200 we hoped to this year, but we are ok with that. We love that we have helped so many people and we can’t wait to help more and more people next year.

We Launched Our Ready Steady Websites® Mentoring Membership

In our end of 2021 blog post we mentioned we had more planned for the education side of Ready Steady Websites® and this year we launched our Mentoring Membership. We love supporting the little group we have created through this membership so far, to make more out of their website and to stay focused and accountable so that they actually work on their site.

As business owners we know there’s always something we say we will do and then we don’t and for many people it’s their website that falls in that category. We wanted to stop that happening because we know how powerful a marketing tool a website can be if it’s done properly and we have loved celebrating the progress and success of our members in that membership. In some cases it’s only small changes that they have made but they have seen the benefits!

Moving Forward

We know we have everything in place that we want to do with Ready Steady Websites® now. It’s taken a couple of years to work out all our different offerings and now they are in place, our focus next year is going to be to make everyone hear about what we do, why it’s amazing and get them using it so they can improve the online side of their business and reap the rewards!

Obviously, we will continue to put lots of helpful tips, advice and guidance out there through our blog and social media, including our YouTube channel which was also something new we added this year and we look forward to keeping in touch over 2022.

If you celebrate Christmas, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone and we will leave you with our most tuneful website tips video that we have ever created. Enjoy!!!

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