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3 Sources of Blog Post Inspiration

Sometimes I know straight away what I’m going to write for our next blog post there are other times when I’m struggling for inspiration. If you write a business blog, I expect you probably feel the same from time to time. You may think that you’ve written it all before and you don’t want to repeat yourself or that even though you find something interesting, nobody else will. But there is definitely more still to write you just need some blog post inspiration.

I look for blog post inspiration in a range of places but here are my top three:

Facebook Groups Are a Great Source of Inspiration

I use Facebook groups for inspiration in two ways. I keep on top of the posts and discussions that people are having in them and if I see questions being asked that I know I could answer in a great blog post then I note it down.

I also ask directly what types of posts people would like to see on our blog and see what answers I get. I usually get a great range of responses and then I’m sorted for ideas for a few weeks.

Looking Back Over Past Blog Posts

Going back through the blog posts deep in the archives of your blog is a great way to get ideas for new posts. It may be that there have been developments in your industry since you wrote a post so you need to address the subject again or it might be you’ve had more experience in that subject area now. It could be that it was just a fantastic post and still relevant so you want to write a new one to draw people’s attention to it again, especially if it’s a year older or more.

Other Articles, Publications, Podcasts etc

Sometimes it’s great to put a blog post out there that signposts your readers to another article or podcast etc that you know they will find useful and/or entertaining. It doesn’t have to be you who has written it or featured on it, it just needs to be really relevant to your readers and then they will remember you in a really positive way for introducing them to it.

Still Not Inspired?

If you’re still not feeling inspired to write, then reach out for guest bloggers. Find people who will write about topics that complement what you do, will back up your message and will bring added value to your readers. People often jump at the chance of some free publicity and a link back to their website from yours. So ask your business friends, or in the right Facebook groups. You could even ask your clients if that’s appropriate for your business.

Good luck and for more tips and inspiration on writing check out this guest blog post that Dr Jennifer Jones wrote for us a little while ago on how to write easily and quickly.

Photo by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri on Unsplash

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