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7 Things Your Wellness Business Website Should Do

If you are creating a wellness business website, maybe for your nutritional therapy business, yoga and reiki practice or spiritual business there are some key things we recommend you include on it to make it do the most for your business that it can.

Your website should service two purposes. It should be a fantastic marketing tool for your business and it should also make running your business easier. So, with that in mind…

4 Ways Your Wellness Business Website Should Market Your Business

  1. Your website should reflect your brand really well. As soon as someone hits the homepage of your website they should instantly get the feeling you want your business to create. If you want people to feel calm, at ease and safe to open up, then your website should start to create that feeling within them. You can do this by ensuring your branding including your logo, fonts, colours and tone of voice all convey this feeling and make sure you use this branding consistently throughout your website. The images you choose to use are key to this as well. Choose images that demonstrate how your clients feel after they have worked with you so that your website visitors see those photos and think, “that’s what I want”.
  2. Once you’ve drawn your website visitor in by getting the feel of your website right, then you need to give your website visitor clear actions to take. If you want people to submit an enquiry form or book a call before you decide if they’re the right fit to work with, make sure you have clear call to action buttons on your website asking them to do this. It’s also a good idea to have another call to action that requires less commitment for those who like what they see on your website but aren’t quite ready to take the leap to work with you yet. We think giving them a free resource in exchange for their email address to build your email list is a good idea but you could invite them to join a free community such as a Facebook group. Whatever you choose it needs to be something where you can nurture a relationship with them so they want to work with you in the future.
  3. Use your wellness website to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Having a blog or a page to showcase your recipes, maybe an area for logos of businesses you’ve worked with or bodies you’re affiliated with all help to solidify you as an expert. This will make people feel more confident about working with you so they are more likely to click on one of the calls to action on your website.
  4. Get people excited about your services, events or retreats by creating separate pages to give your website visitors a deeper insight into the benefits of your services or events, what’s included in the experience and the outcomes of others who have used the service or been to the event or retreat in the past. Using relevant testimonials on these pages and photos of you in action are great ways of making people feel they want to experience the same.

Let’s focus on you now and…

3 Ways Your Wellness Website Could Make Running Your Business Easier

  1. Using an online booking system to book in initial calls and even appointments with clients, makes it really nice and easy for your clients or potential clients but it also takes care of it all for you. No going back and forth trying to find a good time and you can set it up so that email confirmations are sent out automatically with all the information they’ll need for the call or session.
  2. Taking payments through your website is also a great time and stress saver. You don’t need to send out invoices and payments are made upfront to save you chasing non-payers.
  3. Including an FAQs section on your website is a great idea. This could also have come under the first section of this post because answering your website visitors’ questions before they’ve even asked shows how well you know them and will give them more confidence to work with you but it also helps you when you get enquiries. You can signpost people to the website rather than writing the same answers or copying and pasting them time and again.

Are You Thinking of Creating a New Wellness Business Website?

If after reading this you realise you need a website for your nutritional therapy business, yoga and reiki practice or spiritual business or you’ve got one but you feel it probably isn’t as good as it should be then take a look at our websites for nutritionists and wellness professionals page.

Our Wellness Business Website Template Layouts
Some page layouts from our Wellness Website Template

Or if you have any questions you can get in touch here or book to have a demo call with us to see how our service works. We do branding too, so if you need help with that as well let us know when you get in touch.

Here are some examples of websites which have been created with our wellness website template: Integral Nutrition, NKActive and The Wright Stationery. As you can see they are all very different and one of them decided she liked the template even though she’s from a different business niche which just demonstrates the flexibility of our templates.

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