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3 Things That Will Make Your Business Website Effective

It’s not difficult to make your business website effective but despite this so many people have a website sitting there that isn’t doing anything for their business. If you are one of those people then here are three tips to help you.

Create what you actually need for your business, not what you’ve seen other people doing.

It is very tempting to create a business website based on what you have seen everyone else do on their website within your industry or to get shiny object syndrome and to try and use every piece of new tech that’s available to connect to your website to do things you don’t really need them to do.

It’s great to be aware of what others are doing but if something doesn’t fit with your business or how you want to work or you aren’t really clear why you are putting something on your website then don’t do it. 

The way to know what you should include on your website is to…

Be clear on the purpose of your website and what you want it to achieve for your business.

Once you are clear on what you want your website to do, whether that’s to get people to book a call with you or to get them to buy a product on the website or join your email list, then it gets easier to work out what you need on your website.

If you sell lower price items through your website you don’t need to have a call with your customers but instead you might have the opportunity for people to ask a quick question via a chat box before they buy. But if you offer a higher priced service and you need to qualify the person before they pay for it and start working with you, then giving people the option to book a call or fill in a form is perfect.

You can see how thinking like this makes it easier to identify the type of design and the tech or functionality you need.

Once you have got really clear on the purpose of your website and you have created a website that gets people to take the appropriate actions the work doesn’t stop there, as I said in last week’s blog post.

Consistently revisit your website to to make your business website effective.

You can very easily let your business down by not keeping on top of required changes on your website or by not adding new content to it. As I said, this is what we talked about a lot last week and you can read that post here.

If you feel like your website could do with a bit of a review or you’re trying to plan a new one then you can book in a 30 min chat with us, no obligation, to see if we can help and get you on track.

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