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4 Ways to Know If You Need to Start Again with Your Website

Recently we have had a few requests from businesses to work on their current website to improve it. We don’t do this but we will always take a look to see if we can recommend someone who might be able to help them. Once we have done this more often than not often we find ourselves saying, “You need to start again with your website.”

We understand why people want to try to salvage their current website. They think it might be cheaper and quicker and maybe it would but if it’s still not going to do what it needs to then there’s no point spending any time and money on it.

So, if you’re wondering whether your website is salvageable or whether you need to start again with your website then here’s a little checklist for you to use.

Do You Need to Start Again with Your Website?

Is the design a long way off what you would like it to look like?

Yes 🔲 No 🔲

Does your website look as good and work as well on mobile devices as it does on a computer?

No 🔲 Yes 🔲

Do you understand how your website works and are you able to make changes to it?

No 🔲 Yes 🔲

Has your website got over bloated with lots of content and pages that don’t really flow and need reducing considerably?

Yes 🔲 No 🔲

What Your Answers Mean

If any of your answers are the first option then this is a big sign that you may need to start again with your website.

If you haven’t got some of the things above right, they will be having a big impact on how beneficial your website is to your business. If you aren’t getting many or any enquiries through it or you aren’t making any sales, your answers will be indicating why.

Little Tweaks You Could Make to Your Website

If all of your answers were the second option but you still aren’t happy with how well your website is working for you then there are probably some little tweaks you need to make.

It could be that your website copy isn’t speaking directly to your potential clients and customers and showing them that you understand them and you have the solution to what they want.

It could be that your images aren’t reflecting your business in the best way and you need to invest in some professional photography.

Maybe you haven’t got clear calls to action on your website to get people clicking to book a call, buy a product or join your email list.

If you’ve read this and you’re still unsure what to do about your website, we are more than happy to take a look. You can book in for a free 30 minute review call here and we will give you some feedback and guidance.

Or you can get our free 11 point website checklist to help you delve a bit deeper to working out the issue.

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