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7 Must Have Photos for your Small Business Website

Guest post and must have photos taken by Claire with the Camera

Every photo and image you use on your website should truly reflect the vision, values and vibe of your business to create a consistent, recognisable brand.

You want to pack your website full of personality, so it stands out in a sea of competitors, and to allow your visitors to get a real sense of what you and your business are all about. Now is the time to banish boring, bland and uninviting stock photography!

When it comes to creating an impactful website for your business, there are several key photos I would recommend you consider including. These are the photos that will help engage your audience, showcase your brand, and communicate your message effectively.

Read on for my seven must have photos for your small business website:

1. Website Hero Images

Your main hero images are an absolute must for your small business website, to ensure it stands out and captures your visitor’s attention.

A captivating hero image is the first thing visitors see, and as you only have about 10-20 seconds to grab someone’s attention before they leave your site, first impressions really do count!

Your website hero image should be a visually striking and attention-grabbing photo that represents your brand and instantly communicates your core message. This photo should evoke emotion, create a strong first impression, and entice visitors to explore further.

Screenshots of Martha Blessing's Website
Example of a website hero images, one of your must have photos on a small business website created using Ready Steady Websites®

2. Service or Product Showcase

If you sell products or offer specific services, high-quality photos showcasing your offerings on your website are essential.

Use professional product photos to highlight the features, benefits, and unique selling points. There’s lots of ways you can do this from static product photos or flat lays to lifestyle photography showcasing the product in use. Choose the form that sets you apart from your competitors and will inspire your audience to buy.

I know service-based business can often struggle with thinking about how they can show their services in a tangible way. But I love photographing service-based business from mindset to business to mindfulness coaches, as there are so many creative ways you can showcase your unique service, how you work and the transformations you inspire in your client.

You can use photos that show you delivering workshops, working one to one with clients or the work you put in behind the scenes. You can incorporate little details that are unique to your business, show your brand values or showcase the process and outcome of your services.

3. Team Players and Support

If you have a team working with you in your business, then including photos of them on your website, makes your brand real and builds trust with your audience. Whether that’s a full office team, associates or virtual support, it helps people to understand who they will be working with and what makes up your business.

I would encourage you to include photos that showcase your team in action, or in a more relaxed environment that shows the culture and values behind your business. It’s much more about capturing the spark and brilliance of your team, rather than a static corporate style headshot.

If you are a solopreneur without a direct team, perhaps you have emotional support in the form of a furry mascot – I love including those in the small business brand shoots I work on!

Team photos help to establish a personal connection with your audience, and show the people behind your business, to create credibility and approachability.

4. About Us Photo

Most websites tend to have some form of about us page and you want to have a photo that truly represents your brand’s story and values here.

This photo should capture the essence of your brand, whether it’s a behind-the-scenes shot, a group photo, or an image that brings together your brand’s mission, values and identity.

This photo should help to create a connection with visitors and reinforce your brand’s authenticity. After all, people buy from people.

5. Client Connection photos

These are the photos you can use on your website, as the backdrop to showcasing customer testimonials, case studies, or success stories. Including photos of your happy customers adds credibility and authenticity.

Ask those lovely clients who give you wonderful testimonials for permission to feature their photos alongside their testimonials to create a more compelling and trustworthy endorsement.

Social proof is an absolute must now-days and these types of photos show your ideal client that they will be in proven safe hands.

These photos can also set you apart from the many online businesses that only show photos of themselves or use stock photography. As they show the real you, interacting and connecting with real life clients.

6. In Action Photos

Use in action photos on your website to give your clients a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of your business – we all love to see behind the scenes so these can be highly engaging

You can include photos that show your products or services in action or the process behind them to demonstrate how your services are used, highlight the quality and craftsmanship, and provide a glimpse into all the magic and passion which is poured into your business.

From writing gift tags that go with your items, to how they are made, to how you plan or support your clients strategically, there’s so many ways you can give your audience a real sense of what you do and what they will benefit from if they work with you.

The more relatable content you can build and show, the more you can separate yourself from your competition.

7. Where the Magic Happens

If you have a physical location or office, featuring photos of your premises on your small business website, helps create familiarity and build trust and confidence in your brand.

If you are an individual service-based business working from home, you can still show where you work on your website, so your audience can build up a picture of you. Include things that you use in your everyday working life – from your favourite mug, to your planning notebook or books that inspire you!

If you are a creative, you can include photos of your studio and the tools that you use across different sections in your website. Giving your visitors an insight into how it all comes together and the love and passion you pour into what you do.

woman recording a podcast with a mic and headphones on

A Final Photo Tip for Your Small Business Website

And finally, do remember that the quality and relevance of your website photos are crucial. Investing in professional photography can ensure that your all your photos truly represent your brilliant business brand and engage your audience.

By incorporating these seven types of photos into your website, you can create a visually compelling and informative online presence that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors – for all the right reasons!

Claire Wormley is the person behind Claire with the Camera and is a specialist small business brand photographer based in Surrey. Claire specialises in creating curated collections of fresh, vibrant, on-brand photos to inject your website with personality, ignite your marketing potential and help your brilliant business to flourish.

Claire has worked with a whole host of service-based female entrepreneurs and small business owners, producing thousands of photos used across the whole range of marketing channels to take the pain out of content creation!

Claire lives in Surrey with her two children, cat and husband and loves nature and the outdoors.

For more support with your website in general check out Ready Steady Websites® resources.

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