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Our Top 3 Email Subjects of 2022

In this week’s blog post we are sharing with you our top three email subjects of 2022, based on email open rates. These are the subject lines that have made people click and want to read more.

We always review our stats at the end of every month and then in more detail at the end of the year. If you’ve been following us for a while, you may remember us writing a similar blog post last year. We found the process of writing it really useful and the post got a lot of interest so we thought we would do it again.

Here are our top three email subjects of 2021

We have shared the open rate as well as the title for each email and bear these two things in mind…

Firstly, the average open rate for an email newsletter type email in 2022 is 21.3%, which has gone up from 18% last year. This may show people are becoming more accepting of this way of businesses communicating with them. Secondly, our highest open rate last year was 32.3%

So here are the results for 2022…

At Number 1:

Back to Business.

Open rate: 41%

At Number 2:

Solving tech headaches and going mini viral 😁

Open rate: 40.8%

At Number 3:

Generate leads and sales from your about page with these tips…

Open rate: 40.4%

Last year there was a big common denominator in our email headings that did well, they all had numbers in. This year we experimented with our email titles and we ran a lot of them through sendcheckit.com to help us shape them and I think this helped but I think the biggest factor isn’t actually the email titles although it is important to make them appealing and click worthy, the biggest factor is our audience has changed and we have more of the right people on our list now.

How we’ve found the right people

We’ve barely run any paid adds this year, whereas we would be running them to three challenges a year previously. We’ve worked hard at bringing in organic leads through social media, networking and tweaking our free offerings and we are sure this has paid off. Our email list hasn’t grown that much this year but it’s changed. We’ve had lots of people unsubscribe who clearly weren’t really interested in what we were doing and we’ve had the right people replacing them which shows in our open rates being double the average and up about 10% on last year.

Being consistent also pays off. People expect to see an email from us every week. People know what to expect from that email because the structure is similar each week and there’s always a nice balance of free, useful content and a little bit of sales.

So, if you’re struggling to get your emails to perform well for you or you haven’t created an email list yet please persevere or get started and hopefully some of these insights will help you.

If you aren’t already on our email list you can subscribe to our blog here or sign up and receive one of our free resources.

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  1. Sue on December 5, 2022 at 11:00 am

    Hi Jude, Thanks for this – really interesting to read. I have read that open rates are notoriously unreliable and it’s better to focus on clicks? What are your thoughts on this. I regularly get 50% open rates but I’m convinced this is a false reading because of the disparity between opens and clicks.

    • Jude Wharton on December 5, 2022 at 11:57 am

      Hi Sue

      Thank you. None of the stats are as reliable as they used to be because people can opt out of being tracked but I still think they’re a useful guide for what’s working and what isn’t. Click rates are useful to look at too but we know from conversations we have had with people when they join Ready Steady Websites® or when someone approaches us to collaborate with them that they have been on our list for a while and it hasn’t been the right time for them to take action but they’ve been reading every week and have continued to like what they see. So for us, open rates are useful to monitor to make sure people are still paying attention and wanting to see what we’re putting out there each week.

      But, if your emails aren’t a newsletter but the purpose of each one is to get people interested then and there in signing up for something or buying something, then click rates might be better for you to monitor. Click rates will always be much lower than open rates because a lot of people open the email just to be nosey or to feel like they’re supporting you depending on the type of people you have on your list. If your list is full of lovely people who like you but aren’t really your ideal clients then you will see this disparity between open and click rates and maybe you need to nicely remove them from your list.

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