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3 Tips to Help You Build Your List and Increase Your Sales

As a business owner you probably know the importance of building your email list so that you have a way of communicating with people who are interested in what you do and nurturing a relationship with them so that ultimately they buy from you. As a business owner you also know how important it is to increase your sales because more income means you can help more people with your business and also create a bit more freedom for yourself.

So, with all of that in mind we want to help you build your list and increase your sales.

Know Who Your Ideal Client Is

If you want to attract someone to sign up to your email list and ultimately buy from you, then you need to be clear who that person is. This is because all of your marketing, whether it’s your website copy, social media posts, ads, should appeal to your ideal client. You need to show that you understand them, that you know what their problems are and that you have a solution to those problems so that they want to find out more. You can only do this effectively if you are very clear on who your ideal client is.

We have created a short worksheet to help you think about this person so that you become more clear on who they are.

Create Something Your Ideal Client Needs

Once you know who your ideal client is, you need to show them that you can help them solve their problems. Initially, to get them to join your email list it’s a good idea to have a free or very low price solution for them. This might be in the form of a free download to help them take a step in the right direction. It could be a free challenge which means they will have to put a bit more work in than just using your download but they will make a few more steps forwards. Or it could be an entry level offer at as a low price, such as a short course which gives then a bigger outcome or a low price product that will make them feel great and then they will be more inclined to buy more from the range.

Create a Landing Page That Works

Once you know who you want to attract and you have something to put out there, it’s now time to create a landing page that you can send people to so they can sign up or buy. The size of your offer will determine the structure of your landing page. You don’t want to go overboard for a free PDF but equally you don’t want to look like you haven’t put much effort in if you are actually asking people to part with some money.

For a free download you need a landing page that has a nice image that will capture your ideal client’s attention, a short paragraph about what the download is and why they need it and a very clear call to action button so they know where to click to sign up and get the download.

For a landing page for a free challenge or course you should again have an attention grabbing image. Your copy will need to be more detailed this time talking about how the challenge or course will help them, the structure of it and any details about how it’s going to be run. Because this will be a longer page you will probably need at least two call to action buttons one at the top and one at the bottom so they can always see one to make it easy for them to click and sign up.

A landing page or a sales page where they have to buy the service or product will need to be quite similar to the one above but because they are parting with money you may also want to include some copy about you and your experience or qualifications so that they know they are buying from someone reputable.

If writing and words aren’t your thing it would also be worth considering using a copywriter but you should give it a go first so that you try and get your own voice across because it is you these people want to find out more about and possibly buy from. Then if you do use a copywriter they can use your first try as a staring point to still capture your voice.

If you would like more help and guidance on creating a landing page or sales page to build your list and increase your sales, then check out our Creating a Brilliant Landing Page That Converts mini course which will give you that help and guidance you need and also some very practical tips to implement.

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