Creating a Brilliant Landing Page That Converts!

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You have created a fantastic offer or product.

You are putting a lot of time, effort and probably money into driving people to your landing page for that amazing offer or product.

But once those people are on that page, are they going to click on your call to action?

Everything about your landing page needs to draw them in and make it really easy for them to take action and once they have taken that action and clicked on the button, then the sign-up or purchase process has to be seamless. You don’t want to lose them halfway through!

We have created this mini course to help you with all of that. We will give you guidance on landing page designs that work, we will help you get your copy right and we will give you some tips for testing the tech process to ensure you aren’t left red faced and losing leads.

This course is only £39 and gives you so many tips and insight for that price. Buy it now to make sure you plan and create a landing page that converts.

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What you'll learn from this mini course

Become clear on who you're aiming your landing page at

Understand how to tailor your landing page copy to your ideal client

Understand the best ways to structure a fantastic landing or sales page

Have a clear launch checklist to make sure everything goes smoothly

A bit more info...

The course is delivered via video tutorials and a workbook containing guidance and tasks for you to complete. We recommend you give it your all to get the most out of it.

We have had our own business in the web industry for over 10 years and Chris has been in the world of web for 20 years in total. Before starting a web design company with Chris, Jude had a 10 year career in education and training. It is our combined experience that we bring to our courses so that you can grow your business and achieve great things.

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