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6 Tips for Sharing Your Website

We are always telling you to share your website regularly. Consistent traffic is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) because it keeps reminding Google you’re there but it’s also great to keep sending people to your website so they see all the awesome things you do. A great way to get it out there by sharing your website on social media or through your email list.

Having said that, every social media platform is different and we are going to share the ways we personally think are most effective for sharing your website on some of the different platforms.

1. Sharing Your Website on Instagram

Now, if you are familiar with Instagram you will know that you can’t link directly from a post or caption. So there’s a lot of “click on the link in my bio” type phrases used on Instagram. It is important that you do have a link in your bio and it is important that this goes directly to your website, not something like Linktree.

We have written about this before but you want all of the traffic to go to your website so create your own links page on your website and then link off to the places that you want to send people to, which could be your homepage, a special offer, your blog etc.

This is an example of our links page. It’s nothing complicated, just a page of buttons but it needs to look good and be clear.

Links Page for Sharing Your Website

Make sure you order the buttons with the most important at the top and check in with your links page regularly to make sure you don’t have any old links on there.

Another great way of sharing your website on Instagram is through your stories. We have heard that soon all accounts will have the option to put a link sticker on their story where you can put a direct link to what you are talking about.

You can then turn important stories into highlights which are on your profile and then the link is easy for your followers to get to forever (or for as long as you keep the highlight) and you can mention the highlights in your posts. At the moment we have our new Featured In page and The Website Handbook waiting list as the first two highlights on our profile.

2. Sharing Your Website on Facebook

Katie Tovey-Grindlay, a content marketing expert described Facebook to me recently as the diva of social media. Facebook wants everything to be all about Facebook. It doesn’t want anyone to go anywhere else and so it doesn’t like to show too many people posts that have links in.

So, if you put a post on Facebook with the purpose of showing off your website or a new blog post don’t put the link directly into your Facebook post. Talk about your website and what you’ve been up to. Tell people that you’ve written a new blog post and give them a taste of what it includes and then ask them to let you know if they’d like to find out more in the comments. If they’re interested, pop the link in the comments.

This method worked really well for us recently when we were talking about The Website Handbook waiting list.

The best way we find using Facebook is through interacting in groups. If you are in the right groups people are always looking for advice on things and if you help them they’ll get to know you, start recommending you to others and when you’re tagged as a recommendation you can go and share your website for them to find out more.

Also there tend to be “share your links” or “tell us about your business” threads where you can share your website link too.

Also, make sure you have a business page on Facebook which has your website on it and link to your business page from your main profile about info. A lot of people will go and check out your profile when they see you in a group for the first time and by seeing your business immediately below your name they are more likely to go and find out more about it.

4. Sharing Your Website on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is much the same as Facebook in that it doesn’t like people linking away from it in posts, so use the same technique as we mentioned above. You should make sure you have a link to your website in your profile and similar to Instagram’s “Highlights”, there is a “Featured” section where you can have posts that talk about key products or offers etc and you can make sure you have the link in the comments on those featured posts.

5. Sharing Your Website on Other Platforms

Obviously there are lots more social media platforms out there such as Twitter, where you should have a link in your bio and you can include them in posts and TikTok where you can have a link in your bio if you have a business account.

6. Sharing Your Website to Your Email List

Also, we really do encourage you to build an email list and to send out regular emails to nurture your audience. Within those emails you should be linking back to your website every time – to a blog post, a new case study, a new testimonial or just to show off your new branding photos. We find this the most effective way of getting people to check out our blog posts or express their interest in new things we have coming up. If you don’t already have an email list this blog post might be useful to you.

Hopefully this will help you to make sure you are making the most of the platforms that you are on and your email list for sending traffic to your website. If you would like more guidance around making the most out of your website, make sure you get yourself on the waiting list for The Website Handbook to hear when it launches!

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