9 Top Tips to Keep Your Website Generating Leads and Making Sales

There is a quote which we really like and use quite a lot and that is,

“Digital design is like painting except the paint never dries.”

Neville Brody

This is how you should think about your website. It’s never done, it can be tweaked, fined tuned and maintained and have new content added regularly and it actually needs this for it to be the best it can possibly be. This is key to keeping your website generating leads and making sales.

This week on Instagram, we have been playing Website Bingo! Yes, it was for a bit of fun but also a great way to share some useful tips and get some great insights from our followers. Here is our Website Bingo card.

You won’t find a Dancing Queen (17) or Dirty Knee (33) here. (Yes, I had to look those up!) But there are nine actions that you should be taking regularly.

9 Top Tips to Keep Your Website Generating Leads and Making Sales

  1. Share your website regularly
  2. Add a new testimonial, if possible once a month
  3. Add new content monthly
  4. Check in with your website every so often to ensure it reflects your brand
  5. Use your website to build your email list
  6. Send traffic to your website frequently
  7. Have an up to date blog, vlog or podcast on your website
  8. Make sure your images are professional and current
  9. Review your website analytics monthly

Now, you won’t do the first of these if you aren’t happy with your website, if you don’t feel there is anything new to share or if it doesn’t truly reflect you and your brand anymore. Which is why it’s important to take time every month to add something new, preferably some fantastic content that’s genuinely useful to others, which brings them value, so you find it easy to talk about and share it with them.

The last of these is key when it comes to sharing your website as well. If you don’t review your analytics regularly you won’t know where your website traffic is coming from so you don’t know where it’s best to focus your efforts on sharing your website to send traffic to it. It’s good to share your website far and wide but if there is a particular social media platform or affiliate partner that is sending lots of traffic to your website then spend more time on that platform and have a chat with that partner about possible extra collaborations.

How Other People are Doing With Their Website

Some of the comments we got on Instagram were encouraging. Some people were doing a few of these. One person was nearly doing them all but did forget about checking in with their analytics but many weren’t doing any of it but knew they should, they just didn’t prioritise it.

If this sounds like you, then please prioritise it.

In The Website Handbook, which is out in April, we share four stories of people we have supported through their websites, either through Ready Steady Websites® and using our templates or through our Mentoring Membership. All of them had put off creating or working on their website. All of them saw immediate leads and sales come in once they had got their website sorted. Once they saw the difference it made, all of them probably wished they had put that time aside to work on it sooner.

I Challenge You!

So, I’m setting you a challenge. Do one thing this week that will help move your website towards generating leads and making sales for your business.

If you’re stuck knowing what to do first, then maybe that thing is getting on the waiting list to hear when The Website Handbook is ready to buy. It will help you with every step of planning your website and choosing the right platform and tech. It will give you some great design tips and also help you with planning and creating that all important ongoing content! As the featured images says, “We Can” – we are here to support you with this.

Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

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