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Do I Need a Full Website or Is a Landing Page OK?

“Do I need a full website or is a landing page OK?”, is a question that Nicola Webster, a Social Media and Brand Licensing Consultant has been asked quite a lot recently and so she approached me to write a guest blog post for her on this topic.

What is a Landing Page?

The question Nicola was getting asked is one that we get asked too and we usually realise quite quickly that a lot of the time people don’t actually understand or know what a landing page is. This has come up a few times again in the last week, so I thought I would share the post with you that I wrote for Nicola because if you have been confused it will answer a lot of your questions and if you still have some once you have read it, just get in touch or check out our landing page course.

Here is the post, happy reading!

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