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Creating Your Own Links Page Instead of Using Linktree

A lot of people have asked us recently about whether they should be using Linktree. It is a useful tool for some but if you have a website you should be creating your own links page and sending people directly to it on your own website, not using Linktree.

Linktree Has Its Place

Linktree is great if you don’t have a website yet and you want to send people to your social media presence or to affiliate links but if you have a website you are duplicating on tech, which we are often telling people not to do to keep their lives simple, and you are also taking traffic away from your website.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Links Page

Sending as much traffic as possible to your website is good for search engine optimisation (SEO) so by creating your own links page on your website you will be sending all traffic to your website from Instagram or anywhere else that you use it.

If you haven’t got a links page at all then we would recommend creating one. If you are an Instagram user it’s almost essential to ensure you capture people who are interested in what you do. I know of some people who change their link in their Instagram bio whenever they put out a new post talking about something and put the specific link for that in their bio but that doesn’t work if someone is scrolling back through your feed and is interested in something you mentioned a couple of weeks before.

Also, if you are chatting to someone at an event and they’re interested in checking out a few things that you do, such as your website and also your Facebook group, giving them one link to your links page means they can find both easily.

Links Page Layout Tips

You should keep the look and feel of your links page clear and simple so that it’s easy for people to scan the page and find the link they are looking for. Many people will be used to seeing a central list of links going down the middle of the page and in my opinion it makes sense to stick with this layout so that people feel comfortable with what they see and take action quickly. This layout also works well on all devices and screen sizes. But you may want to mix it up and try something different with the layout and that’s down to you, as long as it’s easy to read.

Also, make sure you review and revisit your links page regularly. Remove links as soon as they aren’t relevant anymore and reorder them to ensure your key links are nearest the top of the page.

Only Use a Links Page When You Need To

Don’t get lazy and use a links page when you don’t need to though. People want to access information quickly and in as few clicks as possible these days. So, if you are sending out an email or writing a Facebook or LinkedIn post where you can add specific links, link directly to what you are talking about. People are far more likely to take action this way.

You might think it’s clever to send them via your links page to get them interested in other things you have on there, but actually you’re more likely to distract them or annoy them by not having sent them directly to what they want to see, and they won’t carry out the final action that you hoped they would because of this, whether that’s reading a blog post or signing up for something.

In Summary

So, in summary, Linktree is a great tool if you don’t have a website yet (and note the ‘yet’, everyone who is serious about their business really should have a website) but if you have a website, make the most of the potential website traffic, keep it simple and create your own links page on your website. We practice what we preach and you can see our links page here.

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