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Getting Your Digital Content Strategy Right

Do you have a digital content strategy? If not, then we recommend you have one. If you have, have you got it right?

This is what we discussed with our friends at Yellow Tuxedo on a Facebook Live a few weeks ago. They are experts in helping people improve their online presence, so they are the right people to be listening to on this subject.

You can watch the replay of our live with them here, but if you’re not into watching videos, then here are the highlights.

Digital Content Strategy Tips

  • It’s a really good idea to have theme or a focus for your content.
  • Start with one key piece of content (macro content) such as a blog post and use this to help you create social media posts, live videos and email content.
  • Repeat your content across different platforms, keeping your tone of voice consistent.
  • Always link back to your website from your posts, lives and emails. The more traffic you send to your website, the better!

Taking Action to Improve Your Digital Content Strategy

If you know you could improve your digital content strategy then make sure you take action and do it. If you are struggling for content ideas, check out one of our previous blog posts, 28 Content Ideas from One Guest Slot.

If your website is the problem and you’re actually great at creating online content but don’t have a decent website to send people to at the end of it, then you can use our free download, The Website Blueprint to sort that out.

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