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28 Content Ideas From One Guest Slot

We are always looking for content ideas and I’m guessing you may be the same otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Securing guest slots is a great way to spread the word about your business and what you do to a new audience but quite often we do the guest blog post, interview, masterclass, whatever it is, we probably share it a couple of times on social media and then that’s it. We are wasting so many content opportunities by doing that.

A couple of weeks ago we did a Facebook Live on this subject. We went into the live thinking that we were going to give people 19 content ideas from one guest slot, but as we talked more and more came to us so, below is our list of 28 pieces of content you can create from one guest opportunity.

Now, we aren’t saying you should be doing all of these but we are saying perhaps make more of the opportunity than just doing one post about it.

Also, use these posts as networking opportunities. Tag the host of your guest slot in so that your post is seen by more people and respond to everyone who comments. Also, look out for the guest tagging you in any promotional posts and try to engage in discussion in the comments of those posts and follow or connect with the people you had those interactions with.

Here are the 28 content ideas:

  1. Mention it in your email newsletter. If it’s an interview, blog post or live that’s in the public domain, then link to it and tell people why they should check it out. If it’s a guest masterclass in a membership, mention in a chatty way what you’ve been up and that you’ve done that this week. When people read that other people rate you highly enough to ask you into their membership as an expert, then that might be the thing that gets you a sale.
  2. Write a blog post about what you discussed and the key points that came out of it and link to the guest slot if possible. This is a really good one to turn into social media content because you will be sending traffic to your own website first.
  3. Ask for a testimonial from the host to use on your website.
  4. Add it to a “Featured In/On” area of your website.
  5. Create an Instagram reel of you listening to it/reading it.
  6. Ask for a Facebook page review from the host.

Now, this is where the number of pieces of content can go up rapidly, depending on how many social media platforms you use but I’m going to assume you aren’t on more than four and for the sake of argument I’m going to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest but you may also be on TickTok, YouTube, Twitter etc.

7. Create a Facebook post about the guest slot.
8. Create a Facebook post linking to the blog post about it.
9. Create a Facebook post of the testimonial you received.
10, 11, 12. Create a Facebook story for each of these posts.
13. Create an Instagram post about the guest slot.
14. Create an Instagram post linking to the blog post about it.
15. Create an Instagram post of the testimonial you received.
16, 17, 18. Create an Instagram story for each of these posts.
19. Add one of these stories as an Instagram highlight.
20. Create a LinedIn post about the guest slot.
21. Create a LinedIn post linking to the blog post about it.
22. Create a LinedIn post of the testimonial you received.
23. Create a Pinterest Pin about the guest slot.
24. Create a Pinterest Pin linking to the blog post about it.
25. Create a Pinterest Pin of the testimonial you received.
26, 27, 28. Do a live about your experience and the key points on all platforms.

This list may differ slightly to the one we came up with on our Facebook Live because I’ve had even more time to think about it since then. If you’d like to watch our live and the discussions that came out of it then you can find it here.

If you would like some guidance around creating a guest expert masterclass, maybe you’d like some tips before you put yourself out there or you’ve been asked to do one and don’t know how to approach it, then take a look at one of our previous blogs on that here.

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