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5 Email Newsletter Content Ideas

One of the things we encourage everyone to be doing from their website is to build an email list to send out email newsletters to. You can do this through offering a free resource for them to sign up for, or suggesting they subscribe to your blog so they don’t miss out on a fantastic post. You might run a challenge, course or event that they have to sign up to attend.

However you build that list you need to keep it engaged. Sending out a regular email newsletter is a great way to do this. It gets the right people on your list to like you more and warm to you so that they eventually become clients, customers or members and it annoys the wrong people on your list so that they unsubscribe and you know you’re only talking to the right people who are left.

But we know lots of people just don’t know what to include in those regular emails and so we have five email newsletter content ideas to share with you.

Idea 1 – Share Your Blog Posts

If you write a regular blog post, tell people about it in your email newsletter. You may even have come to this blog post after clicking on the link in our email. Not only is sharing your blog post a great way to get regular traffic to your website but it’s also a very easy, nurturing, useful and non-salesy piece of content to be sharing with your followers.

The non-salesy thing is key. If you just sell, sell, sell you may annoy people who down the line could have been a good fit for you but too much selling makes them unsubscribe. You need to have a balance but the selling bit is important too, which I will go on to.

Idea 2 – Give Your Subscribers Another Way to Get to Know You More

It’s great that your subscribers get to know you through reading what you write but if there are other ways they can get to know you and get to see how you work, share this in your emails too. Perhaps you do regular lives or YouTube videos, you may have a podcast or you may have featured on other people’s podcasts. Whatever it is share it in your email newsletter so people can go and check it out and build up more of that know, like a trust with you that people are always talking about.

Idea 3 – Talk About What’s Coming Up

If you have a launch, an offer, an event or something else awesome approaching, mention that you are working on it in your email newsletter. People love a bit of “behind the scenes” content.

Don’t just wait until it’s here to sell it, build up some interest and excitement. Also, not everyone will open every newsletter so don’t just mention this thing in one, if you mention it a few times then people can remember to keep an eye out, they’ll look out for your emails in their inbox and you are more likely to have a greater uptake when it’s actually ready to go.

Idea 4 – Sell Your Stuff

If you have got something happening like I mentioned above or you just haven’t talked about what you actually sell for a while, do sell it every so often. Talk about the benefits of it, talk about the amazing price point, share testimonials and case studies and tell your subscribers how they could have the same experience that those happy people who wrote the testimonials have had.

Idea 5 – Talk About What Other People Are Doing

You want to show your subscribers that the most important thing to you is helping them. So, if a business friend of yours has written an amazing blog post or created a new product that is relevant to your subscribers and you know would benefit them, recommend it in your email newsletter.

Your subscribers will remember you fondly if they do find it useful and they’ll probably like and trust you more for it.

Some Other Email Newsletter Tips

I’m not suggesting you put all of this in every email. Two or three of these in each newsletter is enough and you can mix it up each time or you can find a structure that you stick to each week or month that works.

A few other tips I would give are:

  • Always link to your website at least once in every newsletter – people are more likely to click from an email than a social media post and website traffic is key for SEO.
  • Add a P.S. to the end of your email, that’s the most read part of any email according to Donald Miller in his Building a Story Brand Book, so adding a link in the P.S. is a great idea.
  • Send your email newsletter out consistently. So we always send ours on a Monday at 10am but it doesn’t have to be weekly. You can send it monthly or every other week, whatever you can commit to so that your subscribers get used to when they’re going to see it and they might even look out for it!

So, if you have been putting off creating an email list or actually sending anything to your subscribers because you don’t have any ideas, well, you don’t have that excuse anymore!

If your website isn’t up to scratch and that’s why you haven’t created an email list because you don’t want to send traffic to it, check out our website checklist, our free download which will help you get on track or The Website Handbook, which will help you create a website that you will be proud of and will make you stand out above your competition.

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